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Monday, October 13, 2008

monday share and date with hubby pictures

Hi all,
Finally getting the feel of autumn around here. We are breaking out our jackets and extra warm blankets and (sadly) the coughs and colds have arrived in our home too. I had to have Marcus miss school today cause he was coughing really bad yesterday. I'm sure people at church didn't appreciate me bringing my hacking boy, but oh well! He's getting better though. I'm praying with some rest, liquids and cough medicine he'll be ready to go back to school tomorrow.

Anyways, did you guys know that I can track my blog visitors. Yep, thank goodness to my stat counter. Well last Thursday I checked (just like I always do) and was shocked to find out that I had 200 something page loads! Wow where did that come from? I mean, I didn't even post anything new so why would there be so much visits? Well come to find out that somebody made these and kindly posted where she got the idea and that's how everyone came to my site. It's really cool to know that (a) people like my tutorials/project shares enough to try them for themselves and (b) that they don't forget to share the source. Made my day. :)

So moving on.... Friday night, Mitch and I went to the Newport Beach temple for a date. Yeah, were kinda dorky that way. Since Mitch was so busy making the canoes for their scout trip in July and I've been working nights and Saturdays, we never had the time to go to the temple. But thankfully we got some break. Funny thing is that, that day they actually called me and asked if I could come in. I nicely said no, I mean I have a date!

Anyways, my in laws were kind enough to watch the kids. Although Newport Beach is far from us, since we were dropping the kids off at my in laws house we figured we'd go to that direction instead. It was great. That was our first time doing an endowment session in a small temple. Every temple is different in it's own right but they all have that distinct quality you can only see and feel in a house of the Lord. We can't wait to go on our next date there.

I don't have any fancy contraption for my camera for night shots so here's my best shot of the temple.

After our session, Mitch was in the mood for some mexican food so with my trustee walking google (my brother Gary) we tracked down a Don Jose close to my in laws and ate there. Mitch got a plate of Chile Verde and I got Chile Relleno. Mmmm!

And finally some monday layouts to share...


I made this page using the October Coconut Scrapshop kit. The journaling is Mitch's and I perspective on our Vegas trip in May. Still going through those pictures.

I used the acorn cookie cutter that came in the kit to make my leaves. I used them as a template. I also took apart this circle embellishment from Maya Road and used the two circles for the date on my page.


This page was made to journal the highs and lows of my relationship with my daughter. She's really cute and loving but sometimes can be really stubborn and "diva-ish" in character. I particularly chose these pictures so as to show that the good times outweigh the bad.

I did some paper pleating/folding then sewed two ribbons. You can't see it but the & sign has glitters on it.

So that's it, thank you for stopping by and have a great day,

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Jen Glover said...

Grace, Beautiful Lay outs!!!! The Coconut Kit LO is of course my fave!!!! I love what you did! You must PM me what label maker you have. i just bought one, and I don't think I am pleased... Aiden was home sick yesterday with a cold too! xoxoxoxo sweetie!