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Friday, October 3, 2008

right now tidbits....

Right now.....

I'm loving the two days off I got from work. Eventhough it was only two days it made a BIG difference. I was able to make 5 cards and finishing up 3 layouts. Wow now that's progress!!!

I'm addicted to these shows.....

I don't mind eating spaghetti with meatballs in every meal. Doesn't even have to be fancy, just plain spaghetti noddles with red sauce and some great meatballs from Costco. Yum, just thinking about it makes me wanna eat some right now.

I'm planning on making this cake for Maddie's 3rd birthday this weekend. My dear friend Becky made one for her girl and Maddie never forgot about it.

I've "somewhat" reorganized my space. I say somewhat cause I just shoved most of the stuff wherever there was a space but now my table is all empty and going through my stash truly sparked up some creativity in me.

I wanna buy these at Aero. I'm totally addicted now to becoming aero cool.

I'm vowing that I'm not going to buy those paper packs at Costco and JoAnn's. The quality is not good and there are just far more designs that I don't care for. They're just cluttering my space.

I'm feeling rejuvenated and excited because it's another month. I have some goals planned and can't wait to be able to execute them.

Feeling blessed. Got my complimentary copy of this and some fun scrapbook goodies. I have two mini albums in this book and I'm so cheery about all the fun stuff I got for "payment". Nothing beats free scrapbook stuff.

I got a happy email. Got picked up for publication again. It's been a long time since I got one of these happy emails.

So there. I hope I didn't bore you. Have a great start of a weekend,


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