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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a midweek post

Happy Wednesday everyone! How's your week shaping up so far?

For me it's all good. Of course I still want more time in the day but I'm slowly letting go of the need to have and do everything. I notice that as I let go of some self expectations and perfectionism that I'm a better person to live with! Ok so enough psycho babble and onto some picturse and layouts share....

The one thing that has been put in the back burner since I started working for Aeropostale was our Monday night family home evenings. It's been about a month now (very embarrassed about this!). So to make things right, we stayed home on Sunday evening (we usually spend this time at my parents house) and had our family night then. We went for a walk around our street and wrote letters to Amanda, who's finishing up basic training this week and will move on to more training soon.

Marcus enjoys his costume so much that he decided to walk around the street on it. Yeah people were looking at us and since I have my camera they're probably thinking we're a little too early for Halloween. I know some kids even had to think twice and asked their dad if it was Halloween that day. It was kinda funny.

There are tons of black and brown widow spiders in our area. Yuck! Mitch wanted me to take a picture of it. He even wanted me to get a real good close up. Of course this freaked me out so thank goodness for zoom lenses. (laugh)

Yesterday (Tuesday) our Preschool had a field trip at the Pumpkin Patch. We've done this before so I opted to do my own thing. I invited Maddie's friend Danica from church to have a play date at the house. Maddie had a blast and I was able to do a lot of scrapbook work as well. It's good that somebody else is entertaining my kid. (smile)

Here they are jumping on the trampoline WITH their princess dresses. These girls are a hoot. As you know I don't like to put other kids' pictures in the blog so here's one where Danica is not too focused. (note: not that I don't like to put pictures of them here but I just don't know how they would feel about that. )

And while they're playing, I was able to get these layouts finished....


Just going through some old pics of me. I made the big laced flower by sewing on the edge of it and pushing the thread through until it goes all the way around and create the circle. Added some more flowers from my scrap bin, a sticker and some rhinestones. This page is all about playing for me. Loved that I was able to rummage through my ever growing stash and got some cute treasures to add here. Do this once in a while and it brings your creativity in a different level. Seriously!


Another me page. Scrapbooked the things I learned while I was a bride, planning my own wedding all by myself. Not the easiest thing to do but I learned a lot of things during that time so I wanted to document that.

I even made my own little bride with the Maya road sheer woman image. Fun stuff!

And finally, I'm hosting a product challenge over at Coconut Scrapshop message board. Stop by and join in. The deadline for uploading is Oct 31st, so you still have time to play and you don't know you might win this....

So that's it. Hope you all are doing well and have a great day,

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