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Saturday, October 18, 2008

do we not live in AMERICA???

ok so I'm taking this time to vent out so please bear with me and just hear me out......
Last night I worked. Everything was fine. Was doing a little customer service, so I came up to this couple and asked them if they were finding everything ok. The guy looked at me and started speaking to me in Spanish. Seeing that I was totally clueless to what he was saying, he asked if I spoke spanish. In my dorkiest spanish I said "muy very pukito" (translation: very tiny/small) and then he said......" muy very bbbaaaadddd!"
I was floored. He was upset that I didn't know Spanish. I held my tongue and turned around to continue my folding. After a few minutes I saw them still looking like they needed some assistance so I came up to them again and asked if everything was ok then he goes...."no spanish!" and continues to shake his head.
At that time I made the choice to turn around and do a few breathing exercises and just scream in my head. Seriously I was soooo close to telling that guy off.
First of all, I DO NOT NEED TO LEARN SPANISH! I'm in AMERICA for crying out loud. This is not Mexico!!! Grrrrrr I'm just sooooo upset about this. I mean I'm an immigrant too but I know how to speak English and do not even dare think that everyone else IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will try to learn Tagalog just so that I CAN LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY. Sooooo unfair!!!
and second..... I've encountered some people that does not know a lick of English that will try to point, sign and cooperate with you so that you can help them out, but clearly this guy was more concerned that an AMERICAN like me does not know Spanish for him to refuse my help. OOOOOhhhhhh I hope that guy won't come back anymore cause maybe next time I won't be NICE!!!

(breathing in and breathing out)

So there. Thank you for letting me vent out and promise, my next post will be on a brighter note.

Have a great Saturday,


hannie said...

Grace, try this next time (if ever..): talk to him in Tagalog and look straight into his eyes..hehehe.. that'll make his day!
It is just funny that people trying to help and yet he is not helping himself.

Allison said...

How rude! I know that I speak Spanish but I hate when people expect it-heck I'm white, why do I have to speak Spanish. Our official language is ENGLISH and all of the other immigrants learn it?! Ugh. Sorry that you had to deal with someone dorky and rude!