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Monday, October 6, 2008

a Maddie post

Hello October!
One of my favorite things about this month is that we get to celebrate our dear Maddie's birthday. Her special day falls on the 4th. I still can't believe she's already 3!
Anyways in line with her birthday, this post is all about her, our dear little princess!!!

First off, on tuesday (sept. 30) her preschool class went to Liberty park for a "field trip". It was hot but she sure had a lot of fun. Here she is conquering the wall!

and a thumbs up when she got to the top.

and then on Thursday (Oct2nd) we brought snacks to school and I made some strawberries and cream for a treat to the kids. They sang the bday song to her and the teacher got her this crown. How cute is she...

Although her bday fell on Saturday, with work and other commitments, we only were able to celebrate yesterday. But she didn't care, as long as she got her gifts and BOY was she happy to open her presents.
Here's my "attempt" at making her the castle cake. I know it's more like a leaning tower of Pisa if you asked me but I tried.

and here she is modeling all of her beautiful princess dresses. I'm grateful for grandparents, uncles and aunts cause I could've never afford all these fun stuff for her.

we're still missing Cinderella but Christmas is just around the corner. *wink*

She had a blast playing with her favorite cousin Cassidy. They played dress up, exchanged princess shoes and watched the Cinderella movie.

And here she is this morning. Looks like this is what I'll see for the rest of the week. *laugh*

Happy Birthday little princess!

Have a great day,

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