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Sunday, October 26, 2008

splish splash....

I was taking a bath, all alone on a Saturday night.......

yep that's song is still stuck in my head. I guess having to practice a dance with my Primary for over a month will do that to you. Our stake had a big 50th year anniversary celebration and they've asked the primary of each ward to perform a dance to the tune of a 50's song. Our ward picked "splish splash" and they performed it last night.

First off, HAY!!!..... that's my big sigh of relief that this thing is over. You just don't know the drama and stressed this has caused me. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that's feeling this too.

But at the end, it was all worth it. The best part for me was seeing my two kids be a part of the show. At first Marcus was very hesitant to participate. I didn't push the issue too much bec., well frankly I didn't want the headache, until finally his Dad got him to commit and I'm so thankfully Mitch go to him. At the end Marcus said he had a lot of fun and that he'll do it again. Woohoo and for a minute there I thought my kid won't follow in his Mama's footsteps in doing road shows during his youth.

I didn't have any problems convincing Maddie to dance. All I have to say was that she'll get to wear make up and she was right on board. Now the problem we had with her was her short attention span. On most parts of the dance she was oblivious to what was happening and by the time she gets the steps they've moved on to another routine. Funny kids.

Here they are before the show. I couldn't take a lot of photos of them cause they were not cooperating.

And here's some shots of them dancing. I made sure they were partners so that I can teach them that part of the dance at home and they'd know exactly what each other need to do on the stage.

So now that's over, I can now move on to worrying about this coming week's stuff like, Halloween. Boy, we never run out of things to take care of.

Despite all the hectic schedules and things to do I am very blessed this month. Not only did I get published 4 times this month but I just found a very exciting email from Creating Keepsakes. Wow!!!! Now if everything goes through like they should by mid next year, I would've been published in all of the major scrapbook magazines. How cool is that!!!

Oh and one final thing that's making me happy. I found a very cool and inexpensive gadget for my camera to use when I really need to use a flash. It's called a flash diffuser. Took a little field trip to Samy's camera over in Santa Ana on Friday and got me one.

So that's it for me right now. I need to focus on emailing people pictures of the dance. Somehow I got suckered in to being the "official" photographer of our dance that I need to send some people pictures and I still need to iron out details for my sharing time lesson on Sunday. Boy, the list goes on and on.

Have a great day,

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