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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Project #3: Altered Post it Notes Holder

Ok this project is a great stocking stuffer. The perfect handmade gifts for a girlfriend, ladies that you visit teach, teachers or anybody that you want to show off your paper craftiness!

And the best part-------------- easy as pie!!!

Materials needed:
Post it notes- regular size
Pattern paper (preferably coordinating with the color of your cardstock)
Embellishments (flowers, buttons, stickers, etc.)
Bone folder or Popsicle stick
Adhesive of your choice
Paper trimmer


1. Trim cardstock to a 7 ¾” x 3 1/8” rectangle piece.
2. Trim the pattern paper to a 7 ¾” x 2 ¾” piece. Adhere to the center of the cardstock
3. With the bone folder or a Popsicle stick, make folding marks at 2”, 2 ½”, 5 ½” and 6”. Fold on the marks.
4. Glue the back of the post it pad on the inside center of cardstock.
5. Fold cover having shorter side go inside.

6. Place Velcro on the center of the flap openings. Embellish the outside with accessories you want to put on it. You can even personalize each post it holder by putting the recipients initials on the front.
7. Wrap it up with some candy cane and they’re ready to be delivered to somebody special

Hope you enjoy my project this week. Check back next week kei!

BTW thanks to Charity for sharing her mass produced handmade cards. They are so cute.

Happy Holidays everyone,

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Amy Hummel said...

Super cute!

mrs. doyle said...

do i get to have one of those...lol

btw love the christmas cards!

hannie said...

Thanks for pointing to this post again.
Those holders are lovely!