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Friday, March 21, 2008

a spontaneous day plus a confession.....

Ok so if you know me and I mean REALLY know me, you're very familiar with my love for routine. I have kids that are very active and the only way for me to have some kind of sanity is if I put all of us in a routine where they know what exactly they're gonna do on a certain time of the day. Well it's worked well for us. We usually go out in the mornings running errands, going to school/library/park then go home for lunch, watch some videos then they take naps while I go get some "me" time before they're awake again and needs my attention.

Well today I actually threw caution to the wind and was SPONTANEOUS!!! Didn't have any real plans. The only thing in the agenda was picking up my mom from the train station then going to JoAnns with her plus my two kids and that was it! Well after JoAnns we decided to go to McDonald's for lunch, but it was only 10:45 am. So we ended up bringing the lunch to the park so the kids can play a little and then eat their food. I then started telling my mom that Marcus needed a haircut before Sunday and I'll have to do it sometime this afternoon. She immediately suggested to take him to a barber shop to get a "decent" cut. Yeah, I admit my haircuts are very choppy! Well since she said she'll pay I went for it. After lunch we drove to the place my dad gets his haircut and oh boy was I up for a challenge. Marcus has never set foot in a hair salon before. He's the kind of kid that anything new and unknown is scary for him but I didn't realize how much fear he had for hair cutting. It took me about 20 minutes just to convince him to sit in the chair. Then after that another 15 to get him to actually agree to get his hair cut! I ended up sitting on the chair then putting him in my lap while keeping a tight grip on him so the lady can buzz his hair. I got so frustrated! I keep telling him that he needs to get use to this experience cause when he grows up Mom's not gonna be there to cut his hair. So after all the tears and countless bribery here he is in his new do....

So while we were at the salon, Mom turns to me and tells me I should get a haircut too. Definitely was not in my plan for the day but again she offered to pay so I can't pass up a free cut, right? LOL.

So as for the confession......I feel so horrible that I had to lie to my child while we were at the hair salon. It wasn't your typical white lie either, it was a full blown I know it's totally wrong but I felt I HAD to do it type of thing. You see in the midst of me begging Marcus to get his hair cut, I tried to bribe him. I tried everything I can think of! Tried the candy- didn't work; tried the taking away points from his reward system- didn't work; and finally after many struggles I ended up saying- "I'll call the easter bunny and tell him not to come to our house anymore on sunday since you're not being a good boy for mommy right now!" And I didn't stop there, to reinforce the idea that I meant business, I grabbed my cellphone and started punching numbers as if I was dialing somebody. Placed the phone on my ear and started talking to an imaginary "bunny". Told bunny everything that's going on and the worst part- Marcus just started crying! He didn't like the fact that the bunny's not coming and yet he STILL didn't want to get his hair cut!!! So I ended the pretend call and told him the bunny is definitely not going to stop by our house!
Mom told me to not give up on him and so after finally getting his hair cut, guess what he says to me- Mom can you call the Easter bunny again and tell him that I got my cut and if he could visit the house on Sunday!!! Yeah by now there was no turning back, of course I HAD to play along!!
I did call back and yes the bunny is STILL scheduled to come to our house. All is well now but I'm sure I need some major repentance to do. Sheeessshhh! the things I HAVE to do.

So now that I got that out of the way, I'll leave with a happy news.... this page was picked to be a featured layout at the Creating Keepsakes website today. Fun, fun, fun!!! For those that are not scrappers... they are a huge magazine and for them to put me on their home page is huge (in my eyes at least).


journaling: This is how I get most of my pictures, trying and trying until I get the lucky shot. August 2007.
supplies used: software- adobe photoshop cs; green and blue pp plus bookplate- peace starts with a smile kit, two peas in a bucket; red scallop trim- Embrace life by Sandra Krieger, Memory Makers; red pattern paper- Echoes of Asia kit, Jessica Sprauge from Creating Keepsakes; flower brush- eternal love brush set; Fonts- ck_ali’s_handwriting downloaded from creating keepsakes website and Reservoir Grunge, downloaded online.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Easter,

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Jen Glover said...

Grace, you are such a HOOT! What a fun day! Your hair looks very nice! :) CONGRATS on the LO! YOU ROCK!!!!! Send me the link!
Love ya cutie!

Jen Glover said...

Grace, you are such a HOOT! What a fun day! Your hair looks very nice! :) CONGRATS on the LO! YOU ROCK!!!!! Send me the link!
Love ya cutie!

Jen Glover said...

Grace, you are such a HOOT! What a fun day! Your hair looks very nice! :) CONGRATS on the LO! YOU ROCK!!!!! Send me the link!
Love ya cutie!

Jen Glover said...

Sorry. I don't know why it posted 3 times. It's just 3 times the congratulations! *smile*

Michele said...

Grace, I love the new cut! I haven't taken our twins for their first cut yet but they're in desperate need for one! Just something about mixed kids hair, ya know? It can really drive you bonkers in the morning!

I love that layout and I totally feel you pain! That's how it always is when I try to get a family portrait done w/ the 5 of us. One of the kids is always picking their nose, rubbing their eyes or looking in a completely different direction!

Happy Easter to you and the family!

Tabitha said...

love your new do. the layouts rocks!!

Mrs. Doyle said...

like the hair... love the fact that it was free!
love marcus's hair...
love love love that scrap book page!