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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

just lotsa stuff!!!

this entry has lots of things and pictures so I didn't know what kind of title I should name it so for now its gonna be just that- a lot of stuff! hehehehehehe.

First off in the agenda today is to share pics of our field trip to the Children's musuem in La Habra. First time for me and my kids to go there and we had TONS of fun. Well the kids enjoyed it more than I do of course, but for me the best part is the lighting inside the musuem. They had some nice lighting set up, didn't even need to turn on the flash and all the pictures turned out great. I wonder if they thought about moms who scrapbook into the equation when they picked the lights. LOL.

The fun thing about this museum is everything is hands-on. The kids can play, touch, go through all the rooms and "experience" all that the musuem had on display. Very fun.

Pictures from the stage/drama room

Marcus found some "lion king" masks and he kept coming to me so I can take his picture.

Then Maddie tried on a costume dress. She said she was "very, very, pretty".

The only way to get me in the pictures from this trip was to stand in front of a mirror and click from there.

Maddie had fun digging up bones from the excavation area. She loved it so much that that's the first thing she mentioned when she got up from her nap. She kept on saying- "brush and bones".

Right now they have a display of community superheroes, where in they displayed some important people in the community. One of the examples were a waste manager or in other words trash guy. Here's Marcus trying out the outfit.

The kids favorite one was the veterinarian section. They loved pretending to take care of pets. Ooohhh I don't think I'm ever gonna convince my kids that having pets are a pain in the rear!

A grizzly bear display. In this room they had lots of life like animals. Maddie was a little freaked out by the displays.

Ok so onto some other stuff......

Feeling the Easter season so I decided to make a banner. I like the banner idea for each major holiday since I made one for valentines. This one is easy (again).

My thoughts on banners- use your stash (no need to spend money on these things since it's not something you wanna keep forever); make it simple, no need to overwhelm yourself with too many details, unless that makes you happier!; and third with regard to the letters here's what I did....... I don't have a big die cut machine (I wished I had though) instead I went into my word document in the computer, picked out a good font and enlarged it. All 26 letters of the alphabet. I chose a light grey for the font color since I didn't want to waste the ink on making the templates. Printed them off on a sturdy cardstock. Cut them and then used that cut image/letter as my template. Now I use that for everything. The large letters are great for banners and even fabric monograms. Fun stuff.

At Scrapwords, the DT's was given two challenges this month. One of it was to make a page of a fun time spent with family or friends. I chose this pic of me and three of my siblings goofing off in front of the camera. What hams!!!


stuff used from the march kit: love elsie papers and rubons (flower and circles); bracket rubons from Daisy D; flowers from Prima and chipboard circle from Urban Lily

and just for show, a card using the love elsie embossed paper. The bubbles are so much fun to work with. This is a twist on a "miss you" card.

ok so that's it for now.

Have a great day,

BTW Cheryl asked if I could post a tutorial of the ribbon topiary and Yes, I will be glad to after the class. Just too busy prepping for it to right down/ type the instructions. Oh and this is not my original idea, got it from the Ribbonaire book of Making Memories. just FYI.

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