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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easy Easter school treat

Just thought I'd share an easy idea I whipped up for my kid's preschool easter treat. The teacher have asked us to limit the candy this time. She had a great point, I mean we "just" had valentines last month and I still have candy from that! So with her advice I went to Target and scored these cute easter themed push pencils at the dollar spot. They were a buck for 10 pieces. Awesome huh!

Anyways I was wondering how to "fancy" it up. So I went into photoshop, used up some of my digital papers and made an egg design that's about 3x2.25" big where I also wrote out the sentiment and my kids' names. Saved it first as a photoshop file so I can change it up next time if I need to and also as a jpeg file. I then opened it up in MS Word, printed off as many eggs as I can in a sheet of white cardstock (cardstock so it's heavy enough to hold the pencil) then cut out the eggs. Then I just ran a couple of eggs at a time through my paper trimmer to create the double slits. Got the pencils in there and viola! cute but cost me next to nothing.

So if you're looking for an easy treat, give this one a try. Oh and if you want my file, i'll be happy to share it, just leave a comment here with your email address and I'll send you either the photoshop or jpeg file, whichever you prefer.

Have a great day,
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Jen Glover said...

Ok! You ARE the best Mom! Too cute! I love Target's Dollar Spot, that's why the Coconut ScrapShop has one! *smile*

Hey... I need your wise, creative opinion over on my blog! Thanks cutie!

Tigger70 said...

That is a very cute idea. Thanks for sharing your idea.

Melissa (Tigger70 CKMB)

Miss Onigur said...

Would love it if you can send me a pic/instructions! Those are too cute. Can also use for other holidays as well! TFS Veronica
(CKMB - Miss Onigur) veronicaulicsni@yahoo.com

Alexandra said...

Really cute treats Grace! It's a great idea, I love that Target Dollar Spot! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Mrs. Doyle said...

you are too creative... i swear, its starting to scare me! lol

Queen of Paper said...

this is SUCH A CUTE IDEA! I'm going to have to try this with Bradley some time! love it!!!