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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

pictures and more coconut scrapshop goodies

Some of you might be bored with the scrappy stuff and I promise I will deliver some fun pictures from our everyday but for right now please bear with me a little as I share two layouts I did with the Coconut scrapshop march kit.


Journaling: Pink shoes, pink tea set, pink crayons and pencils, even in jelly beans it has to be pink or forget it! This phase of Maddie's toddler stage is so fun to watch. Her unique personality is one of a kind. Truly pink and truly Maddie! February 2008

Layout #2 WISE CRACK!
Journaling: Sunday mornings are one of my favorite things cause I usually get to sleep in a little before I have to make breakfast for the family. Unfortunately this morning I had to cut my "sleeping in" time cause Marcus woke me up. At first I tried to ignore him pretending not to hear him call my name or feel his slight nudge. But then he said this line....
"Mom I need some breakfast! I need to eat or my bones will crack!"
Yeah, who can sleep after that remark right? Needless to say after sharing his "kid wisdom" to me I got up however not with a frown, but with a half awake proud mama smile instead.
*my last plug for this month, if you haven't checked out Coconut Scrapshop- YOU SHOULD! lots of fun goodies in the store. The link is on the left bar of my blog. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Now onto our everyday pictures....
This one shows what I'm working on right now. Paint and lots of them. Fun stuff.
A glimpse of my messy desk. Lots of fun goodies to play with with my trustee glue stick taking centerstage.
and finally, look who's finally letting me put "pretties" in her hair. Yup we've found the way to get her curly hair tamed. My friend got me these really tiny rubber bands. They stay on their for a long time. Of course she still manages to take them out but not instantly which I'm happy with. Heck, anything other than a wild untamed curly hair is better *wink*
The key to this trick for us- make her pick what color band she will use for the day and to ALWAYS call it her "pretties".
So that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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Alexandra said...

I love your pages - you are doing wonders with the March kit!! I am certainly not getting tired of them - they are rockin'! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

CAKVD said...

Very cute layouts!! My daughter is also Pinkalicious!!!

Pamela said...

Great LO's. :)

Tabitha said...

super cute layouts!

So Many Scraps said...

congratulations on the lovely layout being put in the Basic Grey gallery! WHAT are you doing with the paints? great PRADA purse!