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Monday, March 17, 2008

Family time

On saturday afternoon we had some "needed" family together time. It's been a while that we've done something since Mitch builts canoes with the scouts on saturday mornings and I have work either in the afternoon or evening.

The first stop was going up the mountains. Mitch is taking the scouts on an overnight camping trip up to "bridge of nowhere" and he needed to see how high the river is. The kids had fun throwing rocks into the river. Plus look at all the texture pictures I took. The weather was cold and overcast. We didn't even stay there for more than an hour cause we were afraid it will rain on us.

Marcus' sweater wasn't gonna keep him warm (Mom's fault for not putting him in warmer clothes) so Dad loaned him his other sweater. Marcus didn't mind although not being able to see his hand was a tough one for a boy who LOVES to touch everything in his sight.

And here's the girls. Maddie really HATES looking at the camera. I tried everything but she really refuses! Hay!

Then when we got down from the mountains and it was only 3:30pm so we decided to check out the Pio Pico Mansion over in Whittier. A bit of history about this place: Pio Pico was the last governor of California before it became part of the United States. It was also a ranch and a farm land. Originally it was around 20,000 acres but now it's reduced to 5 acres. They recently renovated the place and it looks really nice. The lawn area is so great. To my fellow photographers, this is a great place to take outdoor shots! They have a huge grass area plus the patio covered by grape vines are awesome too.

Here's some pics I got of the cactuces they had. (another texture collage)

And here's a shot of the daddy-daughter sitting in one of the benches by the grape vines patio. I love the pic but would have to photoshop that big car wash sign at the back. hehehehehe

And then after touring the mansion ,which is now a little museum, we headed to our local video store and grabbed a couple of videos before heading home.

Oh and we also stopped by a Little Ceasar's pizza place to get some dinner. All in all we had loads of fun seeing some neat places and spending time together is always a treasure.

Have a great day,

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Jen Glover said...

What a fun day, and an ADORABLE family! Your husband is so cute! :) Thanks for sharing your weekend!