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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013

 Breaking up some crafty posts to share with you this year's Halloween Costumes...

The family didn't coordinate costumes this year. We got the kids' costumes at a steal of a deal that trying to put them all together in one theme just couldn't work. Maybe next year. The kids wore their costumes at our Ward Trunk or Treat/Chili cook off last Friday and I took pictures of them before we headed out to the party. 

Marcus will be a "clone trooper" from Star Wars this year. We got his costume last year AFTER Halloween so it was 90% off. Can't beat that! 

Maddie's costume was a score found at the thrift store. We were actually in there to look for some shelves and on our way out, I spotted the trims of this dress on a rack by the entrance door. I stopped and looked at the dress and was impressed at the quality and beauty of it. I noticed that there were no tags inside the dress, which would mean that someone took the time to sew it. And the fact that it was only $6 made this dress a no-brainer for us. I didn't know what Maddie would actually be but I  really wanted this dress for her. Luckily Marcus said that the dress reminded him of Princess Elizabeth in Pirates of Caribbean so that's who we're going to call Maddie this year. :)

I too wanted to "dress up" this year. I found this really cute idea for a Mary Poppins costume in Pinterest (gosh don't you love that site?!) and decided that I'd like to dress up as one of the most famous nannies in the universe. I didn't want to spend a ton on this costume (I'm not a believer in spending lots of money for something I will just wear once) so I rummaged through my closet first. I found my white shirt, black stockings, purse and shoes in my stash. I got the skirt and grey jacket at Goodwill (both for under $6, I might add) and then I searched high and low for a black hat. I couldn't find one so I rummaged through my closet again and found this beige number that I hoped would work. After gluing some flowers, I called it a day. The only thing missing was a black umbrella but by that time, I was exhausted at trying to make this costume work and I just didn't care much anymore. Luckily some people "got" my costume and that was good enough for me. 

Mitch is going to be a "Waldo" character this year.Not of his own choice but I guess everyone at his work is going to be so he doesn't really have much say on it. We are not going "diy" with his costume at I haven't been lucky to find red/white striped sweater and red/white beanie cap in the thrift store. 

I'll take a picture of him and post it after Halloween. 

How about you? What would you be this Halloween?

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Rose said...

awesome outfits!!! i LOVE Mary Poppins :)
one of my fav from my youth and i even had a MP dress when i was in second grade :)

Christy Smith said...

You all look great! Maddie looks so grown up!