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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Maddie's baptism day

Ok so like I said yesterday, last weekend was a little busy for the Tolman's as we welcomed my parents, a brother and sister into our home for a few days. They were in town to support us as we celebrated Maddie's baptism. In the LDS church, we believe that children are to be baptized at their age of accountability,which is 8. Our kiddos look forward to this special day and the opportunity they have to be part of His church here on earth and to make special promises with the Heavenly Father. 

Because we lived far away from family, most of the people who shared this day with us were our friends and neighbors. We felt so loved by them. I cannot fully describe how it means to me to know that we are surrounded by loving and supportive people. 

As I look back at the event, I wished I had pulled out my camera more and have captured the day a little bit better. But in reality, having to get my daughter in and out of her baptism jumpsuit, plus giving a talk on the Holy Ghost and hosting the luncheon afterwards, it was not something I had in the front of my mind. Here are some of the images that I did manage to photograph...

Maddie right before the baptism started. The flower that she's wearing in her hair was a gift from her Grandma Tolman. It complemented her dress and jumpsuit. :)

I feel so blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder in my home that can baptize my children. Here's dad and daughter right before the meeting started. 

One of our friends offered to photograph the whole family...
 It was a great baptism. My brother and sister gave the prayers, my mom and I gave the talks and my dad did a solo musical number. My husband did both the baptism and confirmation of Maddie.

After the baptism we invited everyone for lunch at our home. We served the Filipino chowmein called Pansit with simple sides of rolls and green salad. We also had some strawberry shortcake for dessert.

After church services the following day, we decided to take a group photo of my family...

I felt so grateful for my family for traveling to witness this special day for our Maddie. We know that if time, budget and health permitted we would have had more family members come. It's just such a great feeling to know that my family shares the same belief and love for the gospel with me.

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Christy Smith said...

Great pictures of such a special day! She's such a beautiful girl inside and out and we're so grateful for her friendship to Megan. And the pansit was delicious! Everyone gobbled down the leftovers a few nights later, too. :)