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Friday, May 4, 2012

long overdue

Hi all. I am so sorry for being silent all week long here. I had decided to take a little "blog vacation" this week. Our family went on an unexpected out of town trip late last week to attend a funeral and that threw my schedule way off. Plus I've been dealt some disappointing news earlier this week which made my week a little more harder to bear. Basically blogging was one of those things that I decided to "rest a bit from" to keep my sanity. I know you all understand that.

But hopefully next week will be better and I have a few family stories to share and of course crafting projects to showcase that would be posted next week.

Anyways, in the midst of getting my life back in order, I MADE the time to create. Yes I emphasized the word "made" because I know, and you know, that if we don't carve the time to create we won't ever get around to it. We live such busy lives that if we don't take the time to do what we love to do, we will either miss out on some great therapeutic creative time or that we drag ourselves through never ending and somewhat uninspiring days. I had days where I experienced both this week so I know what that means.

Wow, I've really missed blogging because I'm extra chatty today...Moving on....tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day! Yes we have a day and No, you may not laugh or smirk cause we take our "craft" seriously! Ok you can smirk (cause I do that sometime too. *wink*)

With that I'm participating in some blog hops and I've participated in some NSD challenges and I'm going to share them all here tomorrow. The blog will be busy as I have posts scheduled to go live in certain hours of the day so make sure you check back often. I even have a giveaway at the end. Lots of great stuff so if you haven't signed up in my google follower list (you can see that on the right bar of the blog) do so. That way you won't miss a thing! Here's a peek of some of my projects set to be shared tomorrow....

and because I can't go on with this post with just one measly sneek peek photo, I've picked my 5 fave photos from our trip to Logan, Utah this past weekend. This is not ALL of my photos so I'll have to dedicate another post to share more of it, but for now this will do...

I made hubby stand next to a doorway at the funeral home, where surprisingly eventhough the door was closed was getting lots of natural light. He was one of the pall bearers thus the flower.

 at the gravesite in Idaho.

Mitch standing in a very old barn on the Archibald farm. Marcus had a major "splinter" accident while trying to explore the inside of this barn. He was not a happy boy after the incident, to say the least!

Walked around the Logan Temple grounds while in town. Love the colors of these tulips.

On our way home, we stopped at Bear Lake to visit some good friends of our from California and we had the town's famous Raspberry Shake. Definitely worth the stop and all the calories. Yum-o!

Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for some scrapbook shares.

Till next time,

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