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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my kids are rockin' lately

I'm so proud of Marcus and Maddie all the time but I was especially happy for them this month for  some great accomplishments they have made lately...

About two weeks ago Maddie's kindergarten class performed at the school's class assembly. She kept on telling me that she's scared of this day because in her words she has...stage fright! We kept on assuring her that she'll be fine and sure enough, she did! Maddie didn't want to have any lines so I didn't push the issue but seeing that she knew the words and actions to all the songs they did, I'm sure she would've been really good with any lines given to her to read.

After the performance they had the award ceremony for the whole school. We decided to stay and I'm glad we did because Maddie was called up to receive a certificate for completing all the 30 words that they were challenged to learn. These are not your ordinary sight words, some were pretty hard for a kindergarten kid but I'm so proud that Maddie got them all accomplished with little help from us.

and because I was far away from her during the ceremony, I took another photo of her when we got home....

and then we go to Marcus...last Tuesday he finally got his Wolf Badge award during our latest pack meeting. It took us nearly 10 months to accomplish all the requirements and I could not be happier with him for working hard to get everything checked off. He also earned a gold and silver arrow for checking off 20 of the extra activities in his Scout book. Oh and I want to add that Marcus wouldn't be successful in his goals without a great Scout leader as well. :)

Mitch had to go to a meeting tonight so I handed my camera to a friend who was kind enough to snap these photos of Marcus putting the Mother's pin on me.

When Scouts comes back in the fall, he will advance to the Bear den and he's definitely excited about that.

I can't believe my "babies" are growing up and I could not be any prouder of all of their accomplishments. Love you guys. :)

Till next time,

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