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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Take Twelve- April version

Can't believe that April is halfway done! Thank goodness that I'm playing along with Ella Publishing's Take Twelve challenge. At least a small snippet of my month is documented. Here's my April version...

1. Starting the day with clean dishes makes me happy.
 2. Went outside to capture some evidences of rain that happened the night before. Love the droplets of rain water against a bright "spring" green leaf.
3. My go to accessory. My outfits are pretty simple everyday but wearring my favorite pearl earrings always add that special "put together" touch.
4. Getting ready to mail some cards for publication.
5. After a trip to the dentist (never fun) I took some "me" time and walked around our local Pottery Barn store. I also window shopped through Pier 1 imports. Love getting creative ideas through browsing my favorite stores.
6. Had some chocolate-peanut butter cookies as a dessert after lunch. The cookies were leftovers from treats I brought to a church activity the night before.
7. Can't go on a day without "pinning" things in Pinterest. Today I found some great recipes including this pancake pop stick.
 8. With chips and my music in hand, I'm ready to work on some creative projects.
 9. Helped Marcus with homework.
 10. Came back from a school activity where they had a luau party for Title 1 kids (kids that get extra help in reading and math) and their families hence the lei (sp?) on my neck.
11. Read with Maddie. We read three books and she's doing really well reading most of them.
12. After the kids have gone to bed, Mitch and I watched a movie that we picked up at the Library titled "Like Crazy". We didn't have high marks for the movie but anytime together is still very much cherished.

To learn more about the Take Twelve challenge, please click here.

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