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Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring/Easter Decor

Hi all. Happy Friday. Today I'm sharing my Easter/Spring Decoration. My big thanks to Pinterest for all the ideas that led to how I decorated my home for the season. Here's what I've done...

This fireplace is in my family room and I got the idea of the plastic egg garland here. After I've done the ends with ribbon and took a photo of it, I've decided to change it up to curling ribbons instead.

I've done the ribbon topiary a loooonnnggg time ago. I believe I got that idea from a Making Memories project sheet but it's super easy and I was able to use up a ton of ribbon scraps.

I decided to dress up some candles with paper and chipboard sticker.

This is supe easy, all you need is a bunch of ribbons (all sizes, designs and texture), pins and a foam ball. Oh and a dowel as well and a vase to use. Curl the ribbon into a circle, fold the ends on top of each other then tuck the pin through the two ends then poke it in the foam ball. Fill the ball with curled ribbons and then poke the dowel on the bottom.

With this one, I repurposed a frame that I haven't been using, cut a spring themed paper to size to fit inside the frame and then using stencil, die cut machine or your own handwriting cut out a monogram to place on top of the frame glass.

this collage is in my dining room. I bought the fake flowers and little bunny ceramic decor at the dollar store, the milk glass candle holder at an antique place and made the flower tri fold frame thing (sorry I don't really know how to call it) myself.

this went on my wall in the dining area. I used papers (I got tons of those) into triangles, I layered the cardstock with pattern papers, stickers and spelled out Happy Easter. Then I punched holed on the top ends and connected the banner with brads.

and then in the front room I had made pillows to welcome the new season. You've seen my flower rosette pillow made for Glue Arts before and then I discovered some fun bunny print fabrics in my stash which I made two more "spring themed" pillows with.

so there you have it. As you can see, it doesn't take much money to make your home Spring ready. All you need is a lot of imagination (or in my case inspiration gathered from Pinterest) and a determined pair of hands to create.

Happy Spring everyone.

Till next time,

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