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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Latest Glue Arts Projects

I am having a love and hate relationship with my sewing machine lately. Why? Well..."love" because I'm discovering some fun projects to make and once I'm done with creating them, I feel a sense of accomplishment and having some beautiful handmade stuff sprinkled in my home makes me smile from ear to ear. And "hate" because I am not a good seamstress! I do not like the tedious process and exact measuring that sewing entails. I find myself at midnight cursing my sewing machine, stepping back (to go to sleep) and then having a brand new outlook at my project the next morning. I'm telling you, there's a "love and hate" thing going on between me and my Kenmore machine. But all is well at the end. Look at what I made for Glue Arts recently...

the assignment was to use fabric and some Glue Arts adhesive to make a Spring themed project. I chose a pillow and I like the result. I felt so proud of my pillow case making skill that I ended up making four more after this. Once is behind the rosette pillow.

I made a tutorial on how I made this Rosette pillow. Follow this link back to the Glue Arts blog to learn more.

So because I can only take so much frustration from my sewing machine and my lack of sewing skills, I always go back to my comfort zone, which is paper! Below are treat containers that I made for Glue Arts which is another Spring theme item.


You can learn more about this project here.

I hope I didn't discourage you from sewing with my post. Like I said, I love the projects I've made so far but the process is what I am not so thrilled about. But I'm sure as I "practice" some more, I'd be confident in it. Someday!

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