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Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Camping Trip Part 2

So after surviving a miserable night, we started today with some hot breakfast which included scrambled eggs with sausage wrapped in a flour tortilla and some hot cocoa.

After the meal and a needed campfire, we headed out and explored some more. We found some more roads to take and drove our truck through some interesting terrain. It's a good thing we brought our four wheel drive truck cause our other vehicle wouldn't have survived the roads we took.

One of the roads we took had a patch of thick snow still on the road. We stopped before we got to the snowy roads and walked around the area instead. Here's Marcus slipping and sliding around the snow.

After a morning of exploring, we headed back to the campsite and had some lunch. Guess what we had? more MRE's. By this time, we were starting to get fed up with it. LOL.

After lunch, Mitch found a safe spot just over a hill and set up a shooting range. All the family got to use the 22 to target shoot.

I took this photo while sitting in my camp chair. This is how far we were from our target paper.

Even I got in the action!

Here's Marcus testing his aiming. For the record...Mitch gave the kids a quick gun safety lesson before we started the target shooting activity and we were always mindful when the kids had the guns.

I love this photo of Maddie so intense in her aiming. She really didn't aim very well but I love how this shot made it seem like she did.

At about 4pm, Mitch came up to me and suggested that we go home early because he thought that it's not good for the kids to go through another cold night. He didn't have to twist my arm so we packed up and went home earlier than planned (our original plan was to stay another night and leave the following day). The kids found this rope tied on tree branch that can be used as a swing and they got so sad that we had to leave early. But the thought of having to sleep another night in the cold and hard ground just didn't seem appealing to us.

Once we got out of the 'forest' area, we spotted a big herd of Elks in the side of the road. So cool to see this much wildlife, just on the side of the road. I haven't seen this much wildlife since we went on our Yellowstone trip.

On our way home,we stopped by Subway for dinner. No more MRE's for us for a while. Once we got home, we all took a much needed hot shower and slept in our comfortable, warm beds.

So that's our trip. It was fun, exciting and there's definitely a few lessons learned, i.e. do not forget the Chili you slaved all day to make to take to the camping trip in the refrigerator. *wink*

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