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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Four eyed boy

One of the things that we needed to do for Marcus with his new ADHD diagnosis was to get his eyes checked. We got that done about a month ago and the result (among other things) was that he got a prescription for glasses. So that same day, we went to Costco and ordered him a pair. He was super excited about it and like many things the excitement wore off about a week ago. I asked him why he wasn't wearing his glasses anymore and he said that it is a distraction for him. I thought this would make him see things clearer therefore make his life better BUT if it's just another distraction for him, I guess I'm not going to force him to wear it. After all, he needs help focusing (especially in the classroom) and if this is just another thing that would take "focus" away from him, then we are not progressing. I guess this is one of those "expensive" lessons that we had to learn.

Anyways, since he's not wearing them anymore, I'm more appreciative of the following photos I was able to take during the beginning of him wearing his glasses. He looks so grown up in these photos and so cute with his specs.

I had a pair of glasses in High School which I stopped wearing after a while and now I'm back to wearing glasses again so I'm thinking that maybe in the future he'll realize that seeing things better and clearer is important and he'll come back to his glasses. That is my hope anyways.

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