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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flower Accessories Tutorial

As promised last week, here is a tutorial on how I made the hair and ring accessory that me and my daughter wore for Easter last week.

Supplies needed:
Artificial flowers, preferably with lots of layers on them. (I got mine at JoAnn's craft store and I used my 40% coupon on it to save)
Glue Gun
Hair clips/Headband/Ring
Circle punch and scissor
Rhinestone (for flower centers)

First step is to remove the flower from the stem and remove all the plastic connectors binding the layers of flowers together. We want the bottom of the flower to lie flat against our clips or headbands and the plastic connectors is not going to keep the flower bottom flat. Also, keep the flower layers in tact as you remove the plastic items so you're final flower result will be the same as the original flower.

Using the glue gun, adher the layers on top of each other. Start with the bottom one and go up from there. Only add glue on the centers of the flowers.

I had some self adhesive rhinestones in my craft stash and I used that for the centers of my flowers. Rhinestones can be found at either the jewelry or scrapbooking aisle of your craft stores. Make sure you pick a size that is proportionate (sp?) to your flower size.

I was initially going to punch out the circles from felt but my felt was too thick for the punch to go through so I ended up handcutting the circles with a scissor. Cut two.

Adhere one of the felt circles to the back of the flower.
Add some glue to the headband on the spot you want to place the flower on and then add a bit more glue on the other felt and add that to the headband sandwiching the headband between the two felt pieces.
Do the same procedure for a paper clip but glue gun it to a clip instead. I had cut a small circle to sandwich the clip between two pieces of felt.
And as if two hair accesories weren't enough for me, I decided to make a ring out of a smaller flower. I rummaged through my jewelries and found this ring band (don't worry it's a fake ring so I wasn't too worried of altering it) that would be a great foundation to add a flower to. I repeated the procedure for making the flower as mentioned above but adhered it to the ring instead. I didn't bother adding another felt piece under the ring as I thought that would make the ring thicker therefore it can't pass through my finger anymore.
and here's the result. I was telling you, this project is super easy and I betcha, you can make all of these in less than 30 minutes.
and of course we can't end this post without a display of how pretty my dear daugther was with her flower accesory.

Till next time,

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elainec said...

Hi there Just looking through your blog lovely creations . I was taken by the ingenious way you made the hair thingy's so clever. x