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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sometimes I forget that I live in a totally different area now...

Before I continue my thought....I want to share some exciting news...I got an email last night from Sarah, owner of Paper Bakery kit club and she picked me to be their new sketch artist. Woohoo!!! It's been FOREVER since I last worked with a kit club and so I'm dying to get my hands on her November kit and be inspired by the products in the kit. Plus if you've known my scrapbook process, you're probably familiar at how I love sketches and follow one (mostly my own sketches) EVERYTIME I start a layout so for me to get a chance to share these sketches to Paper Bakery fans and kit users is a thrill on its own. Check out the announcement here.

Ok so onto the topic of today's post...
I sometimes forget that I live in a totally differnt area now....

and then last Saturday's first now of the season hits and then I'm immediately reminded that I don't live in the Sunny beautiful part of the nation called California. :)

About three weeks ago while on a photoshoot, I shot this trees with their awesome colors.

We've been wanting to go up to the mountains to check the fall foliage but never got around to it.

and then on Saturday, I woke up to this....

SNOW! can you believe it?! in the middle of October nonetheless. C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

Again this humbles me and reminds me that I live in a totally different area where we get snow....right outside of our homes!

It was pretty seeing all the white fluff but after taking this shot, I immediately had the panic feeling because, right out there in the photo are my vegetable patch (with green tomatoes still in the vines) freezing to death! Later that morning I picked up whatever's left of my garden, most importantly my green tomatoes.

I did some research and they said that tomatoes can ripen just by placing them on your kitchen counter. That's what I did and so I'm hoping it'll work. Otherwise, I'm going to have to try making some "fried green tomatoes".

The snow quickly melted that afternoon and we are back to the fall views except for the tip of Pikes Peak which is covered in snow. Oh the many joys and surprises of living in Colorado!

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Sarah said...

Snow in October?!?!? That's NUTS!! Hope your tomatoes are OK :) And I'm glad to have you as our sketch artist over at the Paper Bakery Grace!