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Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Hike

It's been a while since our little family went on an adventure together. With work, church callings, school and life in general, our weekend exploring had been put into hiatus until last Sunday.
It was one of the rare days that we didn't have too many meetings to attend or people to visit so we jumped in the car and went for a ride. I had wanted to see upclose and personal the beauty of fall in the mountains and one of our friends had suggested the Mt. Herman road which goes behind the Pikes Peak range.
So we grabbed our trustee map and headed north. The beauty of living in Colorado Springs is that is doesn't take you long before your out of the city limits and into the mountains. LOVE THAT!!!
Here are some of the photos we gathered from our trip....

We got stopped in our tracks when we saw this awesome rock formation in the middle of the valley. It was not planned, but we got out of the car and started hiking down to this place. And since we didn't have any intentions of exploring outside of our car, Maddie and I were not dressed properly for the "occassion". Going down the trench was definitely not the kind of terrain my little sneakers were up for.

this was only 15 minutes away from home but as you can see, there's no homes or buildings in sight.

Maddie was appointed leader of the hike today. :)

trying to capture some of that fall goodness we were seeing all over the place.

I love this shot. Maddie found a small stump and decided to rest a bit. What a beautiful view she got to rest her eyes on too.

this is my attempt of getting a "group" shot for the trip. Even though it's just shadows, we were all there. :)

But I am trying to hand off my camera more often now that before and here's one that I am treasuring up today. Love how this photo captures my son and I, and how TALL he has gotten. I'm not looking forward to a few years from now when I'm going to have to look up to him!

My favorite people to explore with. And the bonus of this trip....Marcus got to check off a portion of his Cub Scout requirements. Yippee for that!

Gotta run. Trying to do some final preparations for the family's Halloween Costumes. :)

Till next time,


BTW as you might have noticed, I'm changing things up a bit around in the blog. I have widen the post section and enlarged my photos. Tell me, is this working better for you (is my blog better to read/visit now)? or did I make it worse? Love your thoughts on this. Thanks :)


Hannie C said...

Nice pics! I love seeing big and clear photos, but don't like to scroll side-way.

Unknown said...

I think with those photos you can make a calendar. They awesome. Plus the people of course. Nice to see Maddie's back this time and view was just a perfect combination. YES i like the wider picture/photo you can really feel nature. Good story.