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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maddie's 6th bday recap

Over this pask week, we had many "little" things happen for our dear Ms. Maddie. There's her pumpkin patch field trip, loosing her two front top teeth (in a matter of two days) and getting a cute but short hair cut. So many stories and yet not enough time for this mama to catch up. So if you're looking for stories and pictures about the above mentioned events, well I *might* be able to share them here "someday" but as of today, you will have to be satisfied with Ms. Maddie's 6th bday recap....

Madelyn was super excited about her birthday. She was counting down the days and bugging me everyday (prior to her birthday) if she can take a peek at her "gift". This girl was so anxious and excited that it was not hard at all to wake her up on her birthday morning.

I had wrapped three gifts for her to open and since her big day fell on a Tuesday and that's one of our busiest days, I told her to spread opening the gifts throughout the day so that family members can see her open *at least* one gift.

Just before heading to school, she opened her biggest gift- a Princess Cash Register toy.

After I dropped the kids off to school, I came home and decorated some cupcakes that I took to school during the kid's snack time.

I had borrowed this book from the library and I had bookmarked all the cupcakes that I *can* do so Maddie got to pick out which one she wanted. She chose a flower one which was super easy.

The cupcake was a white cupcake with white cream frosting. Then I snipped large marshmallows into four pieces, dipped one side into sugar crystals and then layed 5 on each cupcake to make it look like flower petals and then I added some gum drops for the centers.

It was a hit with the kids which made all the work worth it. In my hurry to get the cupcakes to school, I forgot to take a picture of the batch.It's much cuter to see 24 flower cupcakes versus only 5 but alas this is what you'll get.

At lunch time, after coming home from school, Maddie opened another gift. This one was from her Lolo and Lola (my parents). I had actually bought this one and had asked my mom if this can be her gift to Maddie. She didn't protest and I'm glad because I LOVE this outfit for Maddie.

notice the lack of teeth in Maddie's mouth. She was super thrilled that her teeth finally came out. I was a bit sad to see her toothless but she didn't mind especially since the tooth fairy came by our home and left her some money for her teeth.

this is the skirt to match

and leggings too.

In the afternoon she got some great phone calls from Grandma Tolman and Lolo both sending her some birthday greetings.

And then after dinner, we placed six candles on her cupcake and sang the bday song. I was hoping that Mitch would be home at this time so we could all celebrate but there are just things out of my control and this was one of them. So Marcus and I did the singing while Maddie made a wish and blew out her candles.

do you see the food in the foreground? Yes that's chicken nuggets. Only the best food for my bday girl. LOL. Again it was one of those crazy busy days and chicken nuggets were both kid friendly and easy to make.

Marcus waited so patiently all day to taste the cupcakes.

and Maddie got to open her final gift- a flower ring. It's nothing fancy but I had put it in a velvet heart box to make the gift "more special".

and she sure like 'em.

So that's it. Our last birthday for this year. Whew! Now off to eat some of those yummy cupcakes!

Till next time,


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