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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A day in my life *Photo heavy*

Hi all. Today I want to share with you a glimpse of who I am. This is not to make you feel uncomfortable that you're thinking I'm sharing "too much out there". Or to show you how great of a person I am, although if at the end of this post you think that way, I won't be against that. *wink*.

This little photo documentation of a single day in my existence is to encourage you to look beyond the normal day to day tasks and see your life in a different way. To see the beauty in your everyday, cherishing the NOW.

As most of you know, I work and breath memory preservation with the photographs I take and the scrapbooks I make (for me and for the companies I work for and get published with). That is why I felt the inspiration to strap my camera around with me and show you how I went through my Saturday. So grab a chair, some snacks (just don't get it on your computer or accidentally spill on your keyboard) and take a ride back with me through Saturday, October 8th 2011.....

Saturday's always means sleeping in for me. Except for the occasional morning photoshoots, I don't usually get out of bed till after 8:30am. I started today with a hearty breakfast of boiled eggs, toast and jelly, cheese slice and a glass of milk. Saturdays are our only day that we have hot breakfasts. On the other days we would have cereal or oatmeal with milk.

After breakfast, I got out of my jammies and put on this. Now a bit of a note here, I'm typically in my jammies till I NEED to go out but since I'm documenting today, I figured I needed to pretty me up a bit for the audience. Hehehehehe. Also in this photo, you'll notice that I'm wearing long sleeves and a sweater. We had our first snow of the season today and the need for warmer clothes were definitely a must! To see some photos of the snow, check out my post here.

Our initial plan for today was to go hiking. Since it snowed, of course that plan was scrapped so I cleaned the refrigerator instead. There's no better time to do some cleaning than being homebound bec. of snow. :)

did some major purging of food (bottles with expired dates and unknown leftovers. Yuck!) then I cleaned the surfaces with my go to wipes! and of course wore my trusted cleaning gloves.

Now my refrigerator is all cleaned and organized. Makes me feel that I've accomplished something productive today!

So while I was cleaning my ref. I couldn't stop thinking about my poor tomatoes freezing to death out there in the snow. There were still a ton of them that was green but I told Mitch that I was going to go ahead and pull them out. I was not prepared for this snow and if I knew beforehand, I would've pulled them out the day before. So here I am braving the snow (that makes me sound so tough but seriously the snow wasn't that bad) and picked out all the tomatoes and veggies I can find. Mitch took these shots of me.

after a few minutes I was able to fill one colander and one emptied ice cream container of mostly tomatoes but some green beans and chili peppers as well.

Since the kids saw me put my snow gear on, they immediately asked if they could go out and play too. At first Mitch was against it because the snow was a wet snow therefore they'll only track the wet stuff back into the house. But after much pleading he said yes and I prepared a big towel right by the door and helped them get in and out of their snow gear before and after they came in the house.

they had a blast! Made snow angels and did a snowball fight.

they even decided to use the fence as a target for snow balls. Kids!

There was no way I'd put my camera in danger of the weather so I made sure to wrap it up with plastic before heading out the door to capture the kid's snow fun.

After a few minutes of capturing the beauty of the white fluff, I returned inside, got out of my snow gear and washed off the snow on my garden harvests.

by the end of it, it was lunchtime so I started heating up some leftovers. Weekends are usually time for our "left over buffet" meals. This might seem a lot of food but this week we had a TON of leftovers so we had to finish them up. Note: we didn't finish them all up but felt good that we made a dent on the leftovers stash.

After lunch, the sun finally broke out of the clouds and started melting the snow away. The snow was pretty but I was so glad to see the sun!

After clearing up the table from lunch, I headed to my scrapbook room. At this time, the family was doing their own thing- Mitch was upstairs balancing the checkbook, the kids had walked over the neighbor's house to play and I went to my "cave" and worked on some projects.

By 5pm, I went back upstairs and started dinner. (taken with the self timer option of my camera)

One of Maddie's chores is to set the table for dinner and here she is doing an excellent job of it. Notice the costume dress? That's my girl for you, never wanting to be in "regular clothes". You can always see her sporting one of her Princess dress up outfits.

Today's dinner consisted of BBQ simmered meatballs, ravioli from Costco and green salad. Yes I admit, I'm not following my weight watchers plan on this one. What can I say? I love good food!

after dinner was bath time for the kids. Love that both kids can bathe themselves now. All I have to do is remind them of their time limit in the tub. Maddie was in there for over 30 minutes and the water got cold for Marcus so we had to drain the water and fill it up again.

After bath time, Maddie and I read for a few minutes. One of the many routines we've had since the kids were babies.

after we all took baths, I joined the kids to watch Despicable Me on DVD. We got it from the library the day before and although we've seen it before, the movie was still very enjoyable the second time around.

When the movie finished, the kids went to bed and I spend sometime writing in my journal before I hit the hay. This time, I was writing some quotes and excerpts from this book that I just read. It was very inspirational not only as a photographer but more importantly as someone that values the everyday moments.

And then I finally went to bed at about 11:30pm.

So that was my Saturday. There was no dull moment and definitely filled with surprises and routines. That is my life as a mother, wife, papercrafter, photographer and an avid believer that there is no better time to start appreciating your life than today! May you all have a great TODAY and till next time,


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LOVE IT. Hope inspire others too. Love ya.