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Friday, September 2, 2011

Playground fun

happy Friday. I'm looking forward to this weekend because it's (a) a long one and (b) my husband's off from work. Woohoo!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that we usually do a Saturday excursion around our area. We've gone hiking, exploring famous sights, visiting museums and everything in between. Well last Saturday my husband was busy with work and I decided to take it upon myself to continue the "excursion" so I took the kids out. Now we didn't go far but we have only been to Palmer park once and the kids never got to play at the playground there so that's where we headed off.....

It was a nice day and on our visit, the playground wasn't too crowded so it was wonderful!

As soon as the kids saw this see-saw they where overjoyed! It's hard to find see-saws like these around. I know in Cali, all we had were small titter totters (sp?) and those just don't get big kids like mine excited.

It's very seldon that I can get my son into a collared shirt so I was super excited when he let me dress him up a bit this day. We compromised by letting him wear his Transformer shirt inside.

I love Maddie's reaction here while being raised in the see-saw. It can't get any precious that this.

I got this shot by actually riding with Marcus at the see-saw. He too enjoyed the ride. :)

Although the seesaw was the highlight of this playground for my kids, they did play with the other equipments too.

I was amazed at my "little monkeys" for going through these monkey bars all by themselves. I wish I had that much upper body strength.

It got a bit warm at times and water was an essential part of our "play" time.

I love how parks + kids = simple yet precious fun we will always treasure.

Happy weekend everyone.

Till next time,


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