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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Colorado State Fair

Last Saturday, we took the family to the State Fair. It was super windy here in the Springs when we left and we even brought jackets (just to be on the safe side) but when we got to Pueblo, it was nice and sunny. Definitely the perfect day to visit the fair. Here are some photo evidences of our fun-filled day....

the fair boasted of a lot of different kinds of animals. We saw them all and here's some of our favorites....

I love how this Llama was not intimidated by my camera and posed for me.

These cows had massive horns. It was a little bit scary to come near it.

but of course, my ever so courageous husband HAD to touch their horns.

We did a lot of petting the animals.

Here's a mule displayed by the forest services. Mules were a big part of Colorado, from the military to people that were hiking up Pike's peak.

One of the many chickens that we saw. There where three or four buildings housing animals at the fair. Besides the ones we featured here, we also saw tons of rabbits, goats, sheeps, turkey, pigeons and cows.

If you've ever been to a fair, you know that there's certain food items that you MUST try eventhough they cause you an "arm and a leg". In this trip we had some funnel cake and corn dogs. I was eyeing the turkey legs but none of my family was into them. Maybe next time.

We saw some athletes practicing for a hyper vault competition. It was neat seeing athletes (of all ages) work those poles to get up over the lines.

After a couple of hours of going through the many exhibits and shopping stalls, we ended our fair visit at the carnival rides section. Everything was pricey so we limited the kids to two rides.

Marcus did this truck ride first.

Maddie's first choice was to go on the pirate ship. I'm so amazed at the courage on this little girl. She even managed to give me a smile while the ride was going. I would have had my eyes closed the whole time. Thank goodness the kids didn't take after their "scaredy cat" mom. LOL

Then Marcus chose the bumper cars for his last ride of the day.

Again, another impressive ride for my little girl as she chose to go on the ferris wheel next.

It was a full day and we enjoyed every minute of it. :)

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