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Friday, September 16, 2011

Lately.....in photos

today I'm reflecting on things that are changing, not only with the weather but also in the home where we seemed to have gone into the "busy" mode. So with that,I'm stopping from this CRAZY week and reflecting at what my life is....RIGHT NOW!

I am taking photos ALL THE TIME lately and I'm loving it. The beauty of photography through a scrapbooker's eye is that you don't just capture the posed shots but more importantly you look at the moment and what emotion you can capture then. I so love that vision and I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to do it EVERYDAY of my life.

One of my brothers came home from a deployment late last week and we were able to see and chat with him on Sunday via Skype. LOVE THAT! I am grateful for living at a time where technology has advanced so much that I can SEE and TALK with family AT REAL TIME even if we are miles apart from each other.

After a whole summer of tending to my garden, I'm slowly reaping the benefits. These are my latest harvests- some spinach, carrots and lots of turnips. Anybody have great recipes or ideas on what to do with turnips? I have ton and they tend to be a bit bitter for my taste so if there's anybody that has ideas on how to make it better tastewise, please oh please share!

and oh how I love this photo! This is how my space has looked in the past, oh month now! Yes I've been scrapbooking/crafting like crazy lately. It doesn't show much in this blog but I have been productive. Most of them have gone out for publication though so I can't share them right now but when I get my projects back, be assured that they'd grace this blog then. :)

So that's my life. Busy but fruitful. And isn't that was fall is all about...."harvesting" a good life?!

Enjoy the weekend.

Till next time,

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