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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Game night

So about two weeks ago, on a Sunday, the kids were getting a bit bored. We have a rule in our home that we don't watch TV or play with our friends on Sundays. It's our day of rest plus a chance to be spiritually filled up for the upcoming week. Mitch went to a church meeting and I was left with two whiny and bored kids. So what does this mama do? Break out the Monopoly board game.

We love board games and we have a few in our collection. This specific one, we've had for years but since the kids were still young, we never got a chance to break it open. The box says for 8 years old and up but I think with a little help from us Maddie can follow along.

So anyways, we broke it open, played the short version of it (you all know that Monopoly can take FOREVER to finish) and the kids had a blast. Since then everytime we have a free night, they'd ask to play this game.

So last Friday night when all the family was home, we played another round of Monopoly. Here are some of the pictures of our game night....

Like I said earlier, this box has not been opened since it was bought a few years back and I have to say that Hasbro had made great improvements not only in the game but their packaging of Monopoly since I was a kid. I love the new slots for the money where it's standing up and easier to organize and pull out.

Marcus is really loving this game and I'm loving the sneaky way this teaches him math!

Maddie is usually happy to play this game but tonight, just before we started, she hurt herself pretty bad falling on the side of the dining room table and hurting her cheeks. Poor baby!

Mitch decided to be the banker and he was a very meticoulous (sp?) at that!

this is my token for the night. I love the new tokens, there's this ship, a wheel barrow, car and pot of gold. Cute stuff.

I've organized my seed money for ease in buying all my properties. Now we're ready to play!

a peek at where everybody was at after about 15 minutes of playing. I believe, Maddie bought the coveted Park place at this round.

this boy LOVE buying properties but he's smart, he only buys the ones that has about $12 or more in rent. He's going to be a good businessman someday.

As you can see, it doesn't take much for our little family to have fun. Now break out those board games and have a family game night soon!

Till next time,


Oh by the way, you're probably wondering who won....well despite going to "jail" five times and never passing go (never got $200) Mitch won. Lucky I say!

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