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Friday, September 9, 2011

Knitted placemat set

Over the summer I had this big project planned. I was going to make a set of six placemat with the summer colors to use on my table to add that "summer" accent to the room.

Well three months after (and summer gone) and my project was finally finished....

I have learned that I cannot go beyond knit and purl when it comes to knitting. Believe me I tried but somehow the stress level just goes sky rocketing when I read anything beyond purling and knitting. So with this project I opted to stay with what I know but add color variations with it to make it more festive.

I based these off of a placemat pattern that I got from a Lion Brand Newsletter. If you want to get into knitting, I suggest signing for this newsletter. There's many free patterns that you receive straight into your inbox.

Although it took me the whole season to finish my project, I'm so happy with the result. Now I just have to wait for next year's Summer to start so I can finally use 'em.

and finally a picture of me, my sister and mom while they were here in August. We were having a knitting session. I love moments like these where I share my love for crafts with my family.

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Queen of Paper said...

That's so cool grace. I love the colors too :)