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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My best bargain to date!

Ok so I don't normally post pics of me and my outfits because I don't think I'm that of a fashionista to be doing that but I had to post about this one because a. I'm so proud of my finds and b. I mentioned these to my sisters while chatting with them on facebook and they told me to take photos to show them what I got.

So here's what I wore last Sunday to church....

Lately I've become an avid thrift store shopper. Not only does this new way of shopping fits in my new budget but also because I'm loving the HUNT!

Last week, I went to the ARC thrift store after going through the kids' and my closet to get rid of unneeded clothes. If you have kids you know how fast children can grow and my kids were no exception.

Anyways since I was already there, I shopped for me too *wink*. I found my yellow silk top which had a price tag of $4 but since the tag was marked at 50%, I got it for only 2 bucks. Then I found the blue skirt (which was super cute) at $5. My wardrobe needed more color in there so having this outfit gave my closet that boost. And I love how I was able to find good quality clothes for a fraction of their price.

The other items I already had on hand- Sweater ($17) from Target purchased last April; the shoes (Nine West) purchased from Goodwill at $9 and accessories bought at Burlington Factory for $5 for the earrings and necklace set.

So if you add that up my whole outfit cost me about- $38.

Now who says you can't look cute without burning the bank account?

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