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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Sunday

Today was a good day. Our Friday and Saturday seemed to have been packed with so many things that today's biggest goal was to "relax" and for the most part that's exactly what we just did.

I love that our church services doesn't start till 11:30am. We change with another ward every two years. I think we change back to 9am in 2012.

So since we didn't have to get up early, we basically just lounged around.

the kids were in their pj's till 10:30 in the morning.

I got my coupons clipped and organized.

I even got my hair straightened.

Then read.

and took a quick photo of me before heading out the door to go to church. See my shirt? That's my new $5 buck shirt from Marshalls. Gotta love great deals!

Then when we came home, I helped Marcus read. As a 2nd grader he's supposed to read EVERYDAY and he has a reading log/chart that he needs to accomplish. And because Friday and Saturday was super busy, today was "catch up" day for reading. He was whining for the most part. Any suggestions on how to make my boy like reading?

One of my dear friends, Tiffanie, was so kind to teach me a new skill....knitting. I've been telling her how I've been eyeing those knitting needles and yarn at the craft store and need somebody to guide me through this new "craft" adventure. She gave me these when I saw her at church today. She even started the dreaded "casting on" for me. Ever since I got home, I've been doing it on and off and I have to say it's been fun. Trying out new things definitely gets my creative juices pumping.

We had an early dinner and then after clearing that out and getting dishes started in the dishwasher, I watered my flowers and got the sprinkler working a bit on the backyard lawn.

then I made a "pretty pink" project.

After "my" project was done, I got the kids to do some projects of their own. I bought this kit at Micheal's the other day and we decided that today was the day we'd start working on our Halloween crafts.

Here's Marcus' finished spider. Isn't he a cutie? Marcus is still deciding on the perfect name for his new creature friend. And I'm still figuring out how I can use these bad boys as a Halloween decoration without attaching anything on the wall, ceiling, doors or windows. We can't mess up our pretty, clean and bare wall's but I've been itching to decorate for the next holiday. Any suggestions? My last idea was to tie strings onto them and hang them from the ceiling fan. I think that's safe enough, right?

Well so that's our day. We were relaxed and rejuvenated. Now we are ready to tackle another week.

Till next time,

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