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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween on my mind

I ask you...why do retailers, every year, keep pushing the holidays earlier and earlier? I mean, I'm just barely getting the rhythm of school and then I go to Walmart (with my kids of all things) and their seasonal aisles are brimming with Halloween decorations, candies and costumes. Seriously?!

I guess granted we only have one week left of September, but still could it be any earlier?! (I just pulled a Chandler line there. hehehehehe) (inside joke for my "Friends" buddies out there)

Ok so if Halloween is what everyone should be thinking by now then I must follow the trend. Speaking of Halloween, how about a layout ABOUT Halloween.....

2009 Halloween Costumes

This is what the family looked like last year for Halloween. Marcus was a power ranger (again), Maddie was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (I wanted her to hold little "Toto" but she refused to) and yes that's my dear husband who was also known (that night) as my "hillbilly cousin from Arkansas". Believe me I did not have any intention of naming him that but for some reason he was dubbed that at the church party.

Anyways onto the page....I ran this purple circle die cut through the Cuttlebug to create the embossed look.

and I created a visual triangle between the positioning of my purple elements. Oh BTW the products used in this page are from Piggy Tales except the title stickers and buttons.

That was a fun night to remember and I'm glad it's now safely preserved in this page.

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