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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Los Angeles Zoo

Last Friday I took the kids on a little field trip to the LA Zoo. We've never been and since school is starting in a few days I thought what better time to explore the zoo.

My brother Gary went with us. When we left the house it was a little overcast and I forgot to check the temperature that day. I would learn later on the day that it would have been a good idea to have checked the temps because it became extremely hot in the zoo.

We saw a lot of neat animals. This Zoo definitely had way more animals that Santa Ana Zoo which we frequent often.

We saw farm animals like this goat.

Pretty but kinda stinky birds like these flamingos.

and I marveled at how tall giraffes are in real life. The taller one was over 18 ft. Just amazing.

and his spots were just magnificent to behold. We also saw gorrillas, rhino, hippo, kimono dragon, snake, tortoise, lion and tiger. Maddie was a little upset though that they didn't have the elephants. While we walked that's all she would ask for.. "where's the elephants?", "I want to see the elephants." After reading the map, I found out that they are building an elephant exhibit but it won't be ready anytime soon. Maybe when it comes out, we'll visit again.

and my brother was kind enough to take a pic of me with the kids. Look at those faces- (me) happy; (Maddie) Passive; (Marcus) Tired. The trip was definitely too much at times for the kids. All the walking and the heat got them a little cranky at the end.

Then after touring the zoo, Gary took us to a great Korean restaurant in downtown LA. We were so hungry that I'm not sure if the kids ate their food because they were so famished or they actually like Korean BBQ. Whatever it is, we had a great time.

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