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Saturday, September 11, 2010

First day of school at the Tolman home

OK so on Thursday the kids officially went back to school. With the years passed, I felt that with all the chaos of the first day I really don't get my kids and especially ME well prepared for that "big" day. So this year I decided to change that and made preparations starting the night before.

I made their lunches the night before. It finally hit me that Maddie is going to Kindergarten after I made two sandwiches instead of my usual one "toasted- Peanut butter- cut off the crust please", request that Marcus always asks.

Since we were not prepared to be staying here in Cali when school started I had already packed up the kids' school backpacks and lunch boxes. So lucky them, they got to pick new ones at Target a couple of days before school started. I love having A boy and A girl. The difference in what they like always shows in everything. Here we see a pink Hello Kitty for Maddie and the sword fighting Star Wars one for my "rough boy" Marcus

We got Maddie's backpack at the Disney store for $10. I love it when that store has some wonderful deals like this. Her shoes was bought at Target just this week. I bought her some tennis shoes last year that she hardly wore and thought that it might still be good for this year. I found out early this week that that won't do because the shoes are too tight on her now. What was this Mama thinking?! Her feet grew 2 full sizes since last September!

Marcus got this Iron Man combo at Payless. He loves the shoes because it lights up. I love that somethings are still not "too" childish for him like shoes that light up.

We also got their first day of school outfits and backpacks all ready and set up on their beds the night before. I didn't want to hassle with the old age question "What will I wear today?" on the morning of. Especially with Maddie, who knows how long it would've taken her to get dressed?!

and then that morning, I "tried" to get myself up early enough that I was able to break the "cereals and milk" routine with some pancakes and sausage. Special breakfast for a special day, don't you think? Look at how happy my 2nd grader was?

and here's my "just got out of bed, still have my pj's on" Kindergartner.

Then before we left for school, I had to get some shots of the eager and cute school kids that are off on a new "school year" adventure. I get a little teary eyed looking at this photo of the kids. Gosh have they grown up fast!

So when we got there we had to quickly find their names on the list and proceed to whichever rooms they belong. Marcus fell in line for the room 8 class and I took Maddie to the room 7 line.
I was nervous for Maddie that I stayed with her the whole time. I tried to sneak out of the classroom for a bit to see Marcus in his class but when I got to his room, the teacher had already excused all the parents out of the room. Too bad I didn't get to see him and talk a bit with his teacher. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait for the back to school night.

Maddie was very apprehensive in going to Kindergarten. She would always say that she didn't want to go because (a) she can't read yet and (b) the homeworks are hard. And every time she'd made this comment we would assure her that everything will be fine and that the teacher will not expect her to read as she steps into Kindergarten. That is why I was bracing myself for some major trauma or crying on the first day of school. But to my luck, one of Maddie's preschool buddies was also in that class. As soon as Maddie saw Zoe, they were inseparable. All of Maddie's worries seem to have flown away with the idea of an "old" friend around in her new environment. During the school tour, I had to keep on reminding Maddie and Zoe to stay in the line and listen to their teacher- Mrs. Lim. I have a feeling that the first comment that I'll read on Maddie's first report card is "talks too much in class." *wink*

So that's it. School has started and I'm crossing my fingers that despite of an uncertain future for our family, the kids will have a good year in school. And with the looks of today, it might just happen.

Till next time,

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