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Monday, June 7, 2010

a weak attempt for random 4

Ok I know it's the 7th of June, but with my crazy life right now, the 7th of the month "after" my supposed random 4 post is better than nothing. right?!

Anyways May's attempt will be short and sweet for two reasons- don't have the time to type everything I wanted to say and (b) I don't remember half the things that happened in May. So it might be four, three, two or even just one random thing. But I'm not feeling bad about that, one is better than documenting nothing. So with that being said here we go......


1. Shop officially closed at the end of April so May was a big change in his schedule. His days are now filled with working at the house.
2. We had our anniversary in May and watched Clash of the Titan in 3D.


1. I'm working at the house too, helping in painting and doing all sorts of "helpful" things.
2. I'm missing my scrapbook space everyday. I can't wait to get a space again, whenever that will be.
3. In my quiet time (very seldom right now) I am totally enjoying reading. Reading is helping me escape the "challenges" that life is throwing right now.
4. I tried my hand on making bread. Not so successful but I'll try again.


1. He's become a yapper lately, especially when he talks about his games and DS.
2. Participated in the 1st graders performance. So proud of him.
3. I was so impressed at how sweet this cute boy is. He wrote a mother's day letter for grandma, lola and me. I love how he took his time trying to express himself in his notes and that he thought about all the women in the family. So sweet!


1. She participated in the preschool's bike parade. A yearly thing she hasn't missed since we've started the mommy and me preschool.
2. At the end of the month, she actually would let me put her hair all the way up in a pony tail. Finally I can see her pretty face.
3. She decided to cut some of her hair this month. She said that some of her hair was on her face, duh! that's why I've been fighting with her to put her hair on a pony tail! So now she has some bangs!

so that's it.

Till next time,

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