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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teacher frame

Today is Maddie's last day at Mommy and Me Preschool. This year was also Maddie's last year of preschool. She's all ready for Kindergarten in the fall, she was even so brave as to bear 5 shots at one time at the doctor's office last month. :)

Anyways since this will be our last year with our dear Mrs. Hom, I decided to make her something special, and since I've not done a step by step project share lately, I decided to do that too. So here is how to make an easy, inexpensive and very thoughtful gift for that wonderful teacher or teachers in your child's life.....

Altered Teacher Frame

First you grab your supplies. I got a wonderful and very generous package from GCD Studios a few days ago and decided to play with the Homespun chic line with this project. You'll need some papers, embellishments, pictures and frame.

I got the frame at Kohl's in the clearance section. See the sticker price? I thought that was a great deal for the quality of the frame.

Second, you measure the frame opening. This will help you gauge what size your paper will be.

Third step, Cut three paper blocks to fit each frame opening. I used the floral print in the middle and the graphic ones on the sides since I'm putting the pictures off to the sides. This will eliminate too much distraction onto your picture. Adhere the papers onto the paper that came with the frame.

Fourth, Mat the pictures onto white cardstock, trim the edges but leave about 3/4" wide trim on the bottom or top. Have your child handwrite their name or a sentiment onto that part of the mat. Adhere to the paper.

Next, I wanted to make the transparency stand out better against the floral paper so I traced the shape onto cardstock, trimmed to size and adhere to the transparency.

Sixth, now comes the fun part... create a collage of embellishment in the middle frame opening. If you are afraid of collages, start small. Pick a few things first. The trick to collages is layering and making sure you have a little bit of every shape, size and texture.

Seventh, add another block of chipboard onto the picture and add dates. I feel that when you give someone a gift like this with pictures of people it's necessary to add dates. You might always remember but with teachers that go through so many kids in their career, it's good to connect dates with your specific child.

Clean the glass in the frame and then slip your collage in.... and voila....

an altered frame that took you less than an hour to make and I'm sure it'll be cherished forever. The bonus on this project- your child was able to contribute to the gift by adding some handwritten sentiments, making it extra memorable.

I added ribbon and a tag (from Homespun Chic as well)

The tag actually has a to and from on the back. How cute and clever is that?!

So that's it. Hope you enjoy my little share and I will let you know how our dear teacher reacts to our "homemade" gift.

Till next time,


A Ph.D. student just trying to make my way.... said...

What a great frame! Thanks for the "how to"

glady said...

You should have gone to kohls.com and got their 5dollar coupon or 15% coupon to use for your purchase. You know me Sis. anything to save money.