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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Right now....

-I am so tired. Painting all day then P90X at night just whips this little girl's behind so much

-Somehow I can never get ahead of my projects. What worse....I made a card for Get Sketchy only to find out that I used the wrong sketch!!! I'm telling you, I'm at a lost lately.

-I'm trying to be present. Trying to be happy with the good things and breathing with the bad things. It's though, but I'm *really*, seriously trying.

-I'm so looking forward to two things.....one, summer break for the kids and two, this house finally being able to be put on the market. Somehow it feels like it's going forever to get it ready.

-I want to read the book that I borrowed at the library two weeks ago, make a new get sketchy card, finish my Crazy Daisy layouts, browse through a new baking cookbook that I got at the library today, finish the preparations for my Primary activity on Saturday, shower cause p90x makes you sweat like a pig and watch a movie all at the same time.

-I'm reminded of a great article I read in the June issue of the Ensign and remembering the scripture- "Be still and now that I am God." Psalms 46:10.

Ok so now that that's all out of my chest, I will shower first *LOL* and then try to get some of the projects tackled. One at a time of course.

Till next time,


Lori said...

Hang in there Grace. One project at a time will get the job done.

Lori said...

Hang in there Grace. One project at a time will get the job done.