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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

book review

From Thursday to Sunday of last week I did nothing but read. I didn't spend hours on the computer (like I usually do), I didn't check off items in my to do list and I didn't even scrapbook. Gasp! Why? Because I was so hooked with this book.....

I picked it up from the library on Wednesday and it was so hard to put down. I even spent the weekends staying up till midnight just to get more pages read.

What's all the fuss???
Well I was drawn to it because of the writing, the similarities of the heroine in the book with my life right now and because it was a total surprise to me that I'll enjoy a book like this as much as I did.

I'm not blogging about this so you all go and force yourselves to read it. Some might not get the book the way I did, but if you are somewhat of a perfectionist, a woman that tries to balance everything (family, personal goals, fitness) or wanna know how people that has tons of money really live.... check this book out. It's a must read!

Ok so before I go let me share with you a sneek peek of an extra project I made with the June Crazy Daisy kit. Check it out here.

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Helen said...

I have that book! It was really good. I was drawn to it by the title.

Allison said...

Alright...added Mrs. Perfect to my summer reading list! Thanks for the suggestion!! :)