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Friday, June 11, 2010

"Roar"-ing good time

Before I share my latest Get Sketchy card with all of you, let me just tell you a little background on how this card came about....
I usually make my card on Sunday before the post week. Because of the business of the first three days of the week, I like to get this out of the way so I'm not stressing myself within the week. Well I tried to continue that schedule but because of our "endless" painting days, I didn't get the card done till Tuesday. Whew! I said. Still have enough time to take a pic of it and post in on the Get Sketchy album.
Well I go in the album and find that the other team members didn't make cards anything similar to mine. I start questioning myself...what's up with this? And then I go into the sketch album and find out that I made a card with the wrong sketch!!! How crappy is that! Oh and this was Wednesday night too.
So that same night, I felt stressed but tried to calm myself down enough to pull together a card. My sweet husband, who usually doesn't know how to answer me when I ask him if he can help me with something, actually lend me a hand with my project.
So with that being said here's my card for this week's RIGHT sketch. *wink*

Have a "Roar"-ing good time!

this week's sponsor is Monkey Designs. They make these cute 3D characters out of paper. The team was given the assignment to make any card that's based on this week's sketch and make the 3D project to go beside it.

I used the dinosaur character as my inspiration for this card, hence the title. It's been a while since I used some bright colors on my card so I used that in this project.

So how did my hubby help me here? Well he was kind enough to put together the dino for me while I made my card. Because the dino is 3D and tiny, it took a while to put it together. He also came up with the card title. Now who says that husbands can't get crafty?! Mine does when he's asked "sweetly" by his oh so loving wife. *wink*

Thank you for looking and check out the rest of the cards and this week's sketch here.

Till next time,

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