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Sunday, June 13, 2010

a new goal

I went to an inspirational church meeting on Tuesday night and one of the things we talked about were GOALS. One of the leaders shared about a method of identifying goals to make it attainable. She shared the S.M.A.R.T way.

SMART refers to:
S- specific. That your goal shouldn't be vague or general. It needs to be as specific as you can get.
M- Measurable. it needs to have some type of number involved. Whether it's pounds, days, money, etc. It needs to have some type of measurement to it.
A- Attainable.Is it something that is actually achievable. We can't make goals that we know from the very beginning is unachievable for ourselves.
R- Realistic. Same concept as attainable.
T-Time sensitive. We don't usually accomplish goals if there's no deadline involved it in. Human nature tends to put off whatever he can, especially if there's no important time to finish the goal.

A few more things that stuck with me that night was.....

The leader said that goals need to stretch us in some way. We don't grow if our goals are things that don't test our abilities.

and a quote shared (sorry I forgot the author) "Goals that are unwritten are only dreams."

So with that being said.....I have one month before my 30th birthday and I feel so inspired to make a goal (that is written, or in this case blogged) that I will "try" to fulfill by that time.

My goal is to loose 5 pounds within the month. It seems low, but if I want to do it the right/healthy way, that's the reasonable amount.

Now does it fit the "smart" profile?

specific- loose 5 pounds in a month. I think that's specific enough
measurable- yes, it has a definite number involved
attainable- yes, and if I stop making excuses it can be done.
realistic- definitely
time sensitive- absolutely. By my 30th birthday, I SHOULD be 5 pounds lighter.

How will attain this goal?
right now I don't have the energy to go back to my Weight Watchers ways (counting points) but I will write what I eat and I will go back to running. I've missed my cardio.

So that's it for now. Do you have the same goal as me. Share and maybe we can both cheer for each other.

Till next time,

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Lori said...

Hi Grace I'm with you. Just had a doctors appointment and had to get a blood test. Turns out my trigylcerides are high and I need to cut back on my fat intake. So that being said, I decided to start an exercise routine. I will be running with my sister. Good luck on your goal. I know you can do it.