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Thursday, July 16, 2009

San Onofre Camping trip

It's been a week since our camping trip at San Onofre. Sorry this has been a delayed post. Anyways, we had fun. I have to be honest though, there were many things that went wrong like- our camping site was soooo tiny. We were literally elbow to elbow with our neighbors. We couldn't even fit two big tents (one for each family) in our site. Very small space; The camping site were up in the bluffs so for us to get down to the beach we had to hike a little. The hike wasn't that far but it was a little tricky cause it was kinda steep in some areas. I was more worried about the kids falling down than me. We all agreed that it was a work out doing those hikes; The beach was not what we expected. There were tons of rocks and the waves were pretty hard. Our friends' older boy even had to be rescued by a lifeguard cause the boy didn't realize that he was being pushed by the water curent (sp?) very far. Thank goodness for lifeguards; And Marcus got scrape a few times from the rocks too.

But despite that, we had a blast. The kids got really dirty exploring and playing around; I learned a few recipes to cook in a dutch oven and we all got to be lazy for a weekend doing nothing but eating, playing and talking. Here's a few pics from our trip....

After pitching our tents on Thursday, we explored down by the beach and here's a pic of what we saw that afternoon.

love this one! it brings such a quiet and serene feeling for me.

here's the group trekking away.

Mitch found a really cool, kinda transluscent rock. When placed over the sun it shines really well and clear. It reminded us of the rocks that the Lord lit up for the brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon.

the following day we spent most of the day by the beach. The kids played in the sand.

while the adults played "Phase 10". Mitch won (as always) and everyone got a few laughs here and there.

finally a pic with me in it. This is hard to come by so I made sure I post this.

This was definitely a fun getaway and I can't wait for the next one.

Till next time,

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Anonymous said...

what a nice job u did on this the pics are so nice and i enjoyed everything i read. Likewise i am so so grateful and recieve so much i feel like the luciest girl in the world. Thanks so much. Sandy