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Thursday, July 30, 2009

beach trip #3 + Crazy daisy sneek peek

I can't believe that I've been to the beach 3 times this summer and the season is not even over yet. Last night our family and some friends got together at Bolsa Chica for some swimming, corn cooked with beach water and smores. Great stuff and even better company. Here's some pics....

When we got there it was already 5pm and it was very windy. The only brave ones from my family to get in the water were the boys.

I can't believe how much thinner my boy is when he doesn't have his floaties on him. LOL. He really liked not having to carry the vest anymore and to Mommy's relief, he didn't go too far from the shore.

Maddie chose to play in the sand instead of swimming in the water. I think the waves are still very intimidating for our 3 year old.

Haven't done this kind of shoot/picture in a long time. See the footprints on the left side? That's mine. *smile*

Our friend Becky introduced us to Corn being cooked with the salt water and it was great. I love that she cooks it with husk and when you're ready to eat it, you just pull the husk out and use that as a handle on your corn. Very portable and you can really taste the saltiness in the corn. Definitely a new fave. Everyone enjoyed the smores too!

We had lots of fun and didn't leave there till 10 pm. A late night for all of us but it was worth it. Some was even suggesting to make this an annual thing. I like that idea!

Anyways, are you ready for the August Crazy daisy kit? I got to play with mine already and I have to say, Jen and Kim's kit just gets better every month. Here's a sneek peek of the kit....

and here's a little share of what I did with the kit.....

So if you haven't subscribed, go over here and don't wait till they're all gone.

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