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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Summer so far.....

It's July 2nd and our summer this year is proving to be a busy but fun one. It's funny cause I thought it'll be kinda sad since we're staying put and not planning any major trips but I guess because there's so much to see and do already here in SoCal, there's not a day that's boring....

Here's some things that keeps us busy.... (oh I made the pictures into collages so it's easier to upload. I've been taking lots of photos and there's no room or time to put them all in here)

Oh but before that, let me tell you how organized I *try* to be with our schedule. I even have a printed calendar for the summer. (I know that's kinda weird) but I really wanted to make sure I get everything and every place that I wanted the kids to do penciled in. So our normal schedule is...

Monday- Cleaning day. Can't play the rest of the week if our house is not picked up.

Tuesday- Library day and play at the Dolphin Fountain

This library is world class and I'm very grateful that it's easily accessible to us. They have a great big aquarium with two small sharks, a fantastic children area complete with a T-rex fossil, lighthouse and of course books. Hehehehehehe.

after picking books and videos we head over outside and the kids play in the water. I too enjoy this time cause I get to read. I borrowed some good books from my mother in law and they're great so far. I finished Sheri Dew's "If life were easy, it won't be hard" the other day. I really enjoyed it! Now I'm reading "Letters" a compilation of Marjorie Hinkley's letters. Very insightful and she's funny (something I never really knew about her).

Wednesday- we go to the free movies at the mall. So far we've seen "Tales of Despereaux" and "Horton Hears a Who"

Thursday- Field Trip day. Last week we went to the California Science Center. Here's a little peek at the fun we had...

It was a first time visit for me and my kids and I have to say we enjoyed every minute of it. Lots of things to learn. Of course the info they had was too much for my kids to grasp but I think they picked up a few things. Another thing we enjoyed was that there's so many things the kids can touch and feel and learn for themselves.

then today we went to Mother's Beach in Long beach.....

we didn't have friends join us today. It was kind of a last minute plan but I think the kids enjoyed themselves still. The water was still kinda cold but the kids and I made a sand castle, ate watermelon under the sun and they played with some kids at the playground by the beach. All fun stuff. Next time though I plan to find a parking spot by the street so I don't have to worry about the parking meter running over which is inside the parking lot.

Friday- park day. Last week we were at Mayfair park and played at the wading pool. Don't know yet which park to take the kids tomorrow but I'm sure it'll be fun.

and to top all of that we had Mitch's high school buddy visit us yesterday with his family. They're from Vegas but stopped by the house after their San Diego trip. The kids had a blast cause they had kids to play with. Kaylyn (the wife) noticed the Ice cream truck came by and she immediately got excited. Apparently there's no ice cream truck that comes over their neighborhood so it was a great sound for her to hear the truck chime. She even treated all the kids to ice cream. Fun, fun, fun all over the place.

So there you have it, updated so far. Oh did you see the trend with our fun trips? They're all FREE or for the most part inexpensive. The only thing I usually spend on is parking (Museum and beach trips) This just shows that you can still show your kids a great time without breaking the bank.

Till next time,

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nancy said...

I remember so many fun trips to the library in the summer as a kid. Your kids will remember this forever! You sound like a great mom. :)