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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Downtown Disney

We are just rolling into lots of fun times. Our day ended yesterday with a much awaited and planned trip to Downtown Disney. Everytime we go to that place there's two things that the kids always talks about- 1. Rainforest Cafe and 2. Build-a-bear. Their wished was granted last night.

Here's a little "tourist" shot of me and the kids.

When we got to the restaurant we were told that it will take 30 minutes for us to be seated inside but there's available tables on the top patio. We didn't want to wait so we opted for the patio seating. Later I'd find out that people flock the inside tables cause the thunderstorm effects happen every 30 minutes inside. Oh well!

So here's the view from the patio...

There's a little pool of water behind us that has a little steam coming out of it. This really attracted the kids.

Here's some more pics...

I was able to print out a coupon for the restaurant and it helped a little but I have to say they were very pricey for the type/kind of food they served. Maddie got a kids' meal of dinosaur chicken and potato chips for $7. That's some gold chicken there! Mitch and I split a rib, steak and coconut shrimp plate. Marcus got a pepperoni pizza plate.

After dinner we ordered a cheesecake and got them to put a candle on it for Marcus to blow (we were celebrating his and mine birthday) and the waiters sang the fastest bday song I've ever heard.

On our way out, we went back inside and got someone to take a family photo of us

See my shirt? that's the cool $10 top I scored at Ross. Some lady even complimented my shirt. It just sucks that I didn't get the chance to tell her where I got it and how much I paid for it. A bargain shopper always wants to shout out how much she saved right?! hehehehehe

After dinner we headed over to Build-a-bear. The kids had a blast. We had a little trouble in the beginning cause we had "grouch" with us (aka daddy) and was complaining about all the costs. Even after I busted out my coupon! He later softened up after seeing the fun in the kids' eyes.

I enjoyed seeing the kids make their wishes for their bears with the tiny heart. So precious!

then they gave their bear and dog an "air" bath. They fluffed them like crazy.

After picking some outfits, naming them and paying for the bears we were out of there.... let me introduce you to the newest members of the Tolman family....


and SPOT

My kids has some great choices for names! That's all for now.

Till next time,

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Allison said...

I love days like that...even when we bring our grouch along! :) Glad that the kids had fun!