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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence day recap......

Our fourth of July was full of festivities and after 315 photos taken here's some of my faves....

Work gave me that day off so I was very happy. I even got to sleep in. My day was off to a good start.

We had brunch with my parents at a local Filipino restaurant. I rarely eat at a Filipino restaurant cause Mom and Dad always makes great filipino food at home but it was a treat to see all these fun snacks and local food in one place. This aisle of "yummies" definitely reminded me of my childhood. Oh the many days I wasted in eating these junk food. They were all good though!

In my quest to scrapbook more relationship type subjects, I asked Mitch to take pics of me with my parents. Here's a sample. You'll definitely see this photo in a page, hopefully sooner than later.

After brunch, we headed to Home Depot to exchange our kitchen sink that we found defective after trying it on the counter top. After Home Depot we stopped by a local fireworks booth and grabbed some stink bombs and sparkles. We decided that we won't waste our money buying those big packs that only have safe and sane fireworks. What's the point in that, right?!

Then after a quick trip back home to drop off the sink, we were headed out again and this time to go to G'ma and G'pa Tolman's house. We were the first ones to arrive and Mitch had the kids do the stink bombs before the rest of the crowd came in.

After that, the kids got changed into their swimsuits and spent the rest of the afternoon and some parts of the night in the pool. Maddie is finally comfortable in the water. She doesn't try to swim and would just walk around the edge of the pool but I think that's a great improvement from the screaming fest we had last year when we tried to put her inside the pool.

When all the family came we had a big feast. Can you imagine, I tried to eat all these food?! It did take me almost an hour to finish it. I was taking my sweet time. hehehehehehe. And the kids wanting/needing me to do some things for them also kept me from consecrating on my food.

Then when the sun came down, we had fireworks. We couldn't use "illegal" fireworks so everybody pitched in some money for a couple of safe and sane packs. The kids still enjoyed the show and after that they all had turns doing the sparkles.

Hope you all had a great holiday.

Till next time,

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Anonymous said...

I saw that you really had fun, esp. the kids. They will surely have tons of good memories and this time all documented through your scrapbooking expertise. Good job Well done