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Friday, September 5, 2008

week in review

Is it really true? We're in September already? Wow I still can't believe it!
Our first week of September started off with lots of events so here's a breakdown and some "scrappy" share.....
Monday- Mitch and kids went to G'ma and G'pa Tolman's home for some swimming and playing while I stayed home to do some laundry and then in the afternoon went to work. I really didn't want to work but when I found out it I was being paid time and a half, I stopped complaining in my head. *laugh*

Tuesday- Finished off chores, grocery shopping and trying to help some sick kiddos get better. Marcus and Maddie have started coughing really bad. They've been so exhausted with all our weekend events plus the change in the temp have caused them to get the bug. *yuck*

Wednesday- Went to the library and got Marcus ready for his first day of school tomorrow. Got his hair trimmed, prepped his lunch sack and busted out his Transformers backpack. Somebody is definitely getting excited for Kindergarten. Mitch went to court today to serve jury duty. He was not happy that he couldn't get excused from it.

Thursday- Today was the big day! Maddie hanged out with Uncle George in the morning while Marcus and I attend his first day of Kindergarten.

Everything went well except for the coughing. He sounded really bad. One of the moms' in there even showed her disdain that I brought my sick child to school. Every time the kids had to fall in line, she made sure that her kid was as far away as possible from Marcus. *frown* But other than that, Marcus seemed to fit right into the program. No crying, whining or fear in him. He enjoyed the rug/reading time, playing and I even saw a little twinkle in his eyes when he found out that there's a computer lab in their school and that kindergarten kids get to have some lab time. Yup, you can tell that somebody likes to play online games. *wink*
Mitch had a great ending to his day as well. He finally got excused from Jury duty. The defending lawyers didn't feel he would be a fair judge. *woohoo*
Played with digital scrapbooking today and made this....

I was inspired by Scrapwords' contest for this week about scrapbooking a lifelong dream. I've always wanted to be a published writer so I had a great excuse to journal my feelings about that. Check the contest here. The winner will get $15 GC from the SW store.

Friday- Today we stayed home. I'm on a mission to get Marcus better by Monday so he can go back to school without any more moms raising their eyebrows at me. Got to finish a few projects. Can't share them all yet but got this page done for a challenge over at SoCalScrap.us. We as DT's have to make a sample for the Product challenge and here's what I did....

I used the Cosmo Cricket tag alphas. Check out the challenge here. Hope you can join us cause there's a great prize for the winner. *smile*
Tomorrow is another packed day for me. I'm going to a bridal shower in the morning, attend a baptism in the afternoon then work at night.
Speaking of bridal showers, I finally have the excuse of making another towel cake. Loved how it turned out.

And made a simple card to go along with it.

So there, Whew! Just recapping everything is tiring me! LOL.

Have a great weekend,

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Queen of Paper said...

That is soooo CUTE! love the digi page too :)