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Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been MIA for a while and I don't have the energy to recap things so today I'm focusing on what's going on TODAY!

- it's a little somber today since we're remembering the horrible events of 9-11 seven years ago. Where were you when that happened? For me, I was getting ready for work when I saw our kitchen TV on and my mom (I wasn't married at that time yet) was telling me what just went on in New York.

- Marcus is doing phenomenal at school. No crying, not getting into trouble (I hope) and finishing his packed lunch everyday. I was very worried that he'd get jealous with the kids that are purchasing cafeteria food cause I know sometimes they would sell his favorite food of all time- PIZZA, but so far so good. I really want to be able to control what he eats so he stays healthy.

-Went to Mommy and me preschool with Maddie. She doesn't seem to wanna sit and behave lately. I don't really know what's causing this. Is it because there's no big brother to emulate?Is is because it's been a while since she's been in the class that she needs retraining with all the expected behaviors? I dunno. I hope she gets over her little phase though cause it's kinda embarrassing that my little girl is the only one that doesn't wanna sit and sing her heart out.

-I'm trying to do a little bit of scrapping when we're in the car waiting for either our preschool class to start or when we're waiting for Marcus' class to let out. I now have a little scrapbook bag in my car where I tow kits, pictures, my little notebook and some other stuff I wanna play with. So far I've done some sketches and planned out stuff but haven't had the time to execute them all. Hay!

-Maddie is so obsessed with Cinderella lately. We borrowed the Disney movie from my inlaws and she watches it everyday, sometimes more than once. I'm in awe at her fascination with that princess. She wears her costume all the time. Now her costume if from Sleeping Beauty but she's into pink as well so it doesn't bother her that she's not wearing "cinderella's blue gown". Oh and for my family, her bday is coming up and we stopped by the disney store yesterday and they had the cutest "glass slipper" there. Maddie was all over it! Just a hint, you know how our little Maddie has a shoe festish. *wink*

-I'm a little sad that Marcus is moving along with this school thing a bit too fast for me. Every time I drop him off, it's like he couldn't wait to get out of my grip. He can't wait till I leave him there. My baby's all grown up, I feel sad!

-I'm soooo broke! I've spent two days shopping like crazy. Can't help but use my discounts at Aeropostale and then I stopped by my old store Charlotte Russe and they were having some great deals. Fashion tops for $4.99! Can't pass that up! Oy!

-And finally a couple of card shares for all my scrappy friends.

So what did you do today?

When you have time, let me know. I enjoy reading posts/comments left on my blog.

Have a great day,