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Thursday, September 25, 2008

busy bee......

or maybe just a headless chicken running around. I really don't know how to describe myself right now. I'm burnt out, feeling overwhelmed and not really feeling like I'm accomplishing anything these days but I'm chugging along. I can't complain cause I'm sure there's far worse situations out there.
So with that in mind today, I've decided to update my blog. I needed some kind of normalcy (sp?) around here and getting this post done definitely brought some sanity in me.......

Ok so last Saturday we attended Mitchell's niece's wedding. She's the first granddaughter in the family that got married so I consider this a big family event, not that weddings is not big but knowing that the last wedding in the family was mine and Mitch's, I think this is definitely up the charts with very important dates to remember. *wink*
Anyways, going to the San Diego Temple was a first for both Mitch and I. The place is gorgeous, it's really interesting how the temples can bring you peace and take you out of the hustles and bustles of life and bring you closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I hope that Mitch and I can go on a session there someday.
Here's a few pictures from there.....

This picture was taken by Markus Tolman (Mitchell's second cousin, I think)

It was definitely a llloooonnnngggg day!!!
Lots of waiting, sitting and I even broke the heel on my shoe. Yeah fun times! That night they had a reception at Murrietta. The cultural hall looked great. This was the fancy centerpieces that Jenae (the mother of the bride) had.

Here's my boy. I have to say he's really trained to give a great shot. *laugh*

and here's our "tiny dancer". Seriously I didn't know she had moves. Now I'm definitely going to teach her some choreographed dances. She was so cute dancing with her favorite cousin, Cassidy. She didn't want to leave the dance floor.

and finally some scrapbook share....
I made this a while back but being that we're in the fall season now, I thought it was appropriate to share this seasonal page. Here's Marcus in two different years at the pumpkin patch. I love looking at these pictures and see the difference two years makes.

and here's a fun layout that I had to do cause I'm missing my jalapeño artichoke dip at my Costco. Sadly they don't carry these yummy dip there anymore. *crying*


My day is always a little brighter, my smile a little bigger and definitely my tummy a little heavier when I score this dip at Costco. Everything in the world is just right because of the creation of the “Jalapeño Artichoke” dip- September 2008

You can't tell but I added some "stickles" or glitter glue to the flower die cuts.

I just found out that my oncall shift at work is cancelled tonight. WOOHOOO!!! Totally going to get some scrapbooking done tonight!!! Wow things are definitely looking up!!!

Have a great day,


Allison said...

I hope you're hanging in there...if you need to feel good come by my house and see how wrecked it gets each day while I'm gone--LOL! :) Great pages too! :) Get some rest...you need it or you will feel even MORE burned out!!

Anonymous said...
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